Implementing Design Rules in Aesop n+1

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  • 03/27/96 Document created by Bob Monroe


    This paper presents a proposal for the design and implementation of a design rule specification and enforcement mechanism that will "live" inside of the Fable Abstract Machine (FAM) in the next generation Aesop system. We begin by listing some of the goals of the system, the assumptions we make, and desired attributes of the final system. We then explicate the various types of policies that need to be supported, present an object model for the design rule structure, give a few of examples that show a range of design rule representations, and close with a discus sion of some other issues, including how this model fits with the rest of Aesop.

    Important note: This document describes a first-cut at implementing a design rule specification and maintenance system for the new version of Aesop. It is rough, full of holes, and intended primarily to invite discussion over a concrete proposal.

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