cudaError_t cudaMemcpyToSymbolAsync ( const char *  symbol,
const void *  src,
size_t  count,
size_t  offset,
enum cudaMemcpyKind  kind,
cudaStream_t  stream = 0 

Copies count bytes from the memory area pointed to by src to the memory area pointed to by offset bytes from the start of symbol symbol. The memory areas may not overlap. symbol can either be a variable that resides in global or constant memory space, or it can be a character string, naming a variable that resides in global or constant memory space. kind can be either cudaMemcpyHostToDevice or cudaMemcpyDeviceToDevice.

cudaMemcpyToSymbolAsync() is asynchronous with respect to the host, so the call may return before the copy is complete. It only works on page-locked host memory and returns an error if a pointer to pageable memory is passed as input. The copy can optionally be associated to a stream by passing a non-zero stream argument. If kind is cudaMemcpyHostToDevice and stream is non-zero, the copy may overlap with operations in other streams.

symbol - Symbol destination on device
src - Source memory address
count - Size in bytes to copy
offset - Offset from start of symbol in bytes
kind - Type of transfer
stream - Stream identifier
cudaSuccess, cudaErrorInvalidValue, cudaErrorInvalidSymbol, cudaErrorInvalidDevicePointer, cudaErrorInvalidMemcpyDirection
Note that this function may also return error codes from previous, asynchronous launches.
See also:
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