15-494 Cognitive Robotics
Spring 2007
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Cognitive Robotics: Homework 2

Due date: Friday, February 1.

Part I: Read the Easytrain tutorial

Part II: Create a Threshold Map

  • Use the AIBO to take pictures of some colored objects. You can use items in the lab, but also use at least one unique item of your own. (If you wish, you can use the colored masking tape in the lab to color a soda can.)

  • Use EasyTrain to train the segmenter on the images.

  • Install your threshold files on the AIBO by first copying them to ~/project/ms/config. (Do not try to put them in ~/Tekkotsu/project/ms/config; that directory is protected.) Then update your memory stick. Remember that file names are limited to eight letters plus a three letter extension (.col or .tm), because the memory stick uses an old DOS-style file system.

  • Use the SegCam viewer to see how well your segmenter works.

  • Hand in: three RGB images and their segmented versions. (Just include the six images as attachments in an email to Dave. Remember to include the names of all team members.)

Dave Touretzky and Ethan Tira-Thompson