18-613: Foundations of Computer Systems, Additional Lectures Spring 2019

Notes on links

  • pptx links are to Powerpoint versions of the lectures
  • pdf links are to Adobe Acrobat versions of the lectures
  • code links are to directories containing code used for class demonstrations
  • tar links are to archive files in TAR format. Use the tar command on a linux machine to unpack these
Date Lecture/Recitation Lec   Reading   Labs

Jan 15 Overview (pdf) ff 1 L0 (cprogramminglab) out (pdf, tar)
Jan 17 none none

Jan 20 Linux/Git Bootcamp in Rashid Auditorium (Pittsburgh only) (bootcamp-slides)
Jan 22 State of Computing (pdf , video) ff L1 (datalab) out
Jan 23 Linux/Git Bootcamp Silicon Valley (recitation slot and location)
Jan 24 none none

Jan 29 none none
Jan 30 Recitation: Datalab
Jan 31 none none L1 due, L2 (bomblab) out

Feb 5 The C Language And Some Extensions (pdf) ff
Feb 6 Recitation: Bomb Lab
Feb 7 none none

Feb 12 none none
Feb 13 Recitation: Attack Lab
Feb 14 none none L2 due, L3 (attacklab) out

Feb 19 SIMD Instructions (pdf) ff
Feb 20 Recitation: C Review
Feb 21 C Bootcamp Silicon Valley (lecture slot and location) L3 due, L4 (cachelab) out

Feb 24 7pm - 9pm C Bootcamp in Rashid Auditorium
Feb 26 High Performance CPU Cores (pdf) ff LX (ArchLab) out
Feb 27 Recitation: Cache Lab
Feb 28 ArcLab Recitation (in lecture slot) (pdf) TAs

Mar 3 midterm review in Pittsburgh (Rashid Auditorium) and SV
Mar 5 Midterm Exam (12:00pm EST in PIT WEH Clusters and 4:30pm PST SV B23 118)
Mar 6 Recitation: Midterm Review
Mar 7 Multicore CPUs (pdf) bl L4 due, L5 (tshlab) out, LX (part 2) out

Mar 13 Spring Break, No classes

Mar 19 ArcLab Recitation (in lecture slot) (pdf) TAs
Mar 20 Recitation: tshlab
Mar 21 Accelerators (pdf) ff

Mar 26 none none LX due, L6 (malloclab) out
Mar 27 Recitation: tshlab, vm
Mar 28 none none L5 due

Apr 2 none none
Apr 3 Recitation: Malloc Lab
Apr 4 none none

Apr 7 Malloc Bootcamp PIT: 7pm-9pm Rashid Auditorium, SV: 1:30pm-3pm, B19 RM 1065
Apr 9 Parallel Computing (pdf) ff Checkpoint due
Apr 10 Recitation: More Malloc Lab
Apr 11 No class (Carnival)

Apr 16 none none
Apr 17 Recitation: Proxy Lab (Part I)
Apr 18 Automatic Performance Tuning (pdf) ff L6 Due, L7 (proxylab) out

Apr 23 none none
Apr 24 Recitation: Proxy Lab (Part II)
Apr 25 SPIRAL ff L7 Checkpoint due

Apr 30 none none
May 1 Recitation Final Review
May 2 none none L7 due