15-213/18-213/15-513 Intro to Computer Systems: Assignments
18-613 Foundations of Computer Systems: Assignments

The assignments are the heart of this course. Much of what you learn in this course will be through completing these assignments.

  • In general, all labs are due 11:59pm ET on the due date shown. This is the due date used on Autolab.
  • For 18-613 Silicon Valley students only, the due date is instead 11:59pm PT on the due date shown.
    However, if you submit between 8:59pm and 11:59pm PT, then you need to email Prof. Franchetti at franzf@ece.cmu.edu to have your
    grace days and/or late penalty manually adjusted. The final submission deadline remains at 11:59pm ET on the appropriate date.
  • The late penalty is 15% per day.
  • Each student has 5 grace days for the term. Use them wisely.
  • There are NO grace days for L0.
  • For each assignment, there is a limit on the number of grace days that can be applied, as is indicated in the table below.
  • You can submit assignments at most 3 days late, with the following exceptions:
    • L7b must be turned in by Friday, May 3 at 11:59pm EDT.
  • All assignments are handed out and in using Autolab.


Lab  Out Weight (%) Max Grace Days Name Due

L0 Tues Jan 15 2 0 C Programming Lab   Tues Jan 22
L1 Tue Jan 22 7 1 Data Lab Thurs Jan 31
L2 Thurs Jan 31 6 1 Bomb Lab Thurs Feb 14
L3 Thurs Feb 14 4 1 Attack Lab Thurs Feb 21
L4 Thurs Feb 21 5 2 Cache Lab Thurs March 7
L5 Thurs March 7 7 2 Shell Lab Thurs March 28
L6a Tues March 26 4 2 Malloc Lab Checkpoint   Tues April 9
L6b Tues March 26 7 2 Malloc Lab Final Thurs April 18
L7a Thurs Apr 18 2 1 Proxy Lab Checkpoint Thurs Apr 25
L7b Thurs Apr 18 6 1 Proxy Lab Final Thurs May 2
Total 50%

LX 18-613 Tues Feb 26 Extra Credit 0 ArchLab (18-613 only) Tues March 26