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3.4.5 Destructuring Lambda Lists

A destructuring lambda list is used by destructuring-bind.

Destructuring lambda lists are closely related to macro lambda lists; see Section 3.4.4 (Macro Lambda Lists). A destructuring lambda list can contain all of the lambda list keywords listed for macro lambda lists except for &environment, and supports destructuring in the same way. Inner lambda lists nested within a macro lambda list have the syntax of destructuring lambda lists.

A destructuring lambda list has the following syntax:

reqvars::= var* 
optvars::= [&optional {var | (var [init-form [supplied-p-parameter]])}*] 
restvar::= [{&rest | &body} var] 
keyvars::= [&key {var | ({var | (keyword-name var)} [init-form [supplied-p-parameter]])}* 
auxvars::= [&aux {var | (var [init-form])}*] 
envvar::= [&environment var] 
wholevar::= [&whole var] 
lambda-list::= (wholevar reqvars optvars restvar keyvars auxvars) | 
               (wholevar reqvars optvars . var) 

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