[1-2] Prolog and Logic Programming Related Mailing Lists

Prolog and Logic Programming:
   prolog@sushi.stanford.edu (general)
   prolog-hackers@sushi.stanford.edu (nitty gritty)

   All requests to be added to or deleted from this list, problems,
   questions, etc., should be sent to prolog-request@sushi.stanford.edu

   [The host sushi.stanford.edu no longer exists, as of 11/24/92.
    Does anybody know the new location of the mailing lists?]

Lambda Prolog:

   To subscribe, send mail to lprolog-request@cis.upenn.edu.

	mercury-announce@cs.mu.oz.au (announcements)
	mercury-users@cs.mu.oz.au (general discussion)
	To subscribe, send mail to mercury-announce-request@cs.mu.oz.au
	and/or mercury-users-request@cs.mu.oz.au (respectively) with
	"subscribe" in the message body.

Electronic Journal of Functional and Logic Programming (EJFLP)

   EJFLP is a refereed journal that will be distributed for free via e-mail.
   The aim of EJFLP is to create a new medium for research investigating the
   integration of the functional, logic and constraint programming paradigms.

   For instructions on submitting a paper, send an empty mail message with 
      Subject: Help
   You will receive an acknowledgment of your submission within a few hours.

   To subscribe to the journal, send an empty mail message to the following
   You will receive an acknowledgment of your subscription within a few days. 

   If there are any problems with the mail-server, send mail to

   The editorial board is: Rita Loogen (RWTH Aachen), Herbert Kuchen (RWTH
   Aachen), Michael Hanus (MPI-Saarbruecken), Manuel MT Chakravarty (TU
   Berlin), Martin Koehler (Imperial College London), Yike Guo (Imperial
   College London), Mario Rodriguez-Artalejo (Univ. Madrid), Andy Krall
   (TU Wien), Andy Mueck (LMU Muenchen), Tetsuo Ida (Univ. Tsukuba,
   Japan), Hendrik C.R. Lock (IBM Heidelberg), Andreas Hallmann (Univ.
   Dortmund), Peter Padawitz (Univ. Dortmund), Christoph Brzoska (Univ.

   [The JFLP is now being published by MIT Press. Please see the JFLP web
   page at the URL
   or the MIT Press web page at
   or send email to
   for further information.]

   PDC-L@nic.surfnet.nl is a discussion list for PDC Prolog users.

   To subscribe, send mail to LISTSERV@nic.surfnet.nl with 
       SUBSCRIBE PDC-L <your full name>
   in the message body.

Theorem Provers:

   This (unmoderated) list is intended for announcements of interest to
   people interested in automated theorem proving.

   To subscribe, send your email address to theorem-provers-request@ai.mit.edu.

Type Theory:

   Moderated mailing list about type theory. Archived on 

   To subscribe, send mail to types-request@dcs.gla.ac.uk.


   Moderated mailing list about logic. Archived on 
   To subscribe, send mail to logic-request@cs.cornell.edu

ALP (French Chapter):

   La liste de diffusion "prog-logique" est le support electronique de
   communication de la section francaise de l'ALP (Association for Logic
   Programming), groupe de travail AFCET. Elle complete la lettre du
   groupe publiee trimestriellement.

   Pour vous abonner ou vous desabonner, il faut envoyer un "mail" au
   serveur de listes, a l'adresse 
   sans sujet ni signature, et dont le corps du message contient 
        SUB prog-logique Prenom Nom
   Un acquittement est renvoye par messagerie. Pour desabonnement, ecrit
        SIGNOFF prog-logique
   Les requetes envoyees directement a la liste ne seront pas prises en
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