[1-1] Sources of Information about Prolog

The newsgroups comp.lang.prolog, comp.object.logic, and (to a lesser
extent) comp.ai are a source of information and discussion about Prolog. 
See also sci.logic. The newsgroup comp.constraints is for information
about constraint processing languages and related topics. 

A "Frequently Asked Questions" posting is posted to comp.lang.prolog
twice a month by Jamie Andrews <jamie@cs.sfu.ca>. The Prolog FAQ and this
Prolog Resource Guide are intended to complement one another.

Several WWW resources are available (see also [1-5] and [1-15]):

   CMU Prolog Repository.  Extensive archives of code, bibliographies,
   FAQs, newsgroup postings, tech reports, and more.  The URL is:

   NALP: North American Logic Programming.  World-wide coverage
   with some emphasis on developing LP in North America. The URL is:

   Logic Programming Archive at Oxford Comlab.  World-wide coverage
   with emphasis on Europe.  The URL is:
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