[4-1a] Lisp to C translators

Lisp-to-C Translator translates Common Lisp into human-readable ANSI
C.  Release 3.2 supports such features as CLOS, the condition system,
Lisp type declaration heeding, and Mac, Windows, and Alpha
compatibility.  (Release 3.0, introduced in 1992, eliminated the old
requirement that the garbage collector had to be called explicitly).
Works with Lucid, Symbolics, Allegro, Harlequin and MCL.  It costs
$11,995.  Write to: Chestnut Software, Inc., 2 Park Plaza, Suite 205,
Boston, MA, 02116, call 617-542-9222, fax 617-542-9220, or e-mail Mr.
Kenneth J. Koocher <ken@chestnut.com>.

Some Lisp compilers (AKCL, Ibuki) and Scheme compilers (Bigloo,
Hobbit/SCM, Scheme->C) compile into C.
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