[4-1] Commercial Common Lisp implementations.

Allegro Common Lisp:

   Allegro Common Lisp 4.2 runs on a variety of platforms, including
   Sparcs, RS6000, HP700, Silicon Graphics, DecStation (prices start at
   $4,500) and NeXT ($2,000). It requires 12mb RAM for the 680x0 and 16mb
   for RISC. It includes native CLOS, X-windows support, Unix interface,
   incremental compilation, generational garbage collection, and a
   foreign function interface.  Options include Allegro Composer
   (development environment, including debugger, inspector, object
   browser, time/space code profiler, and a graphical user interface,
   $1,500), Common LISP Interface Manager (CLIM 2.0 is a portable
   high-level user interface management system.  CLIM 2.0 for Allegro CL
   supports both Motif and Openlook and Windows, ($1,000).  Franz also
   markets Allegro CL 3.0 for Windows 3.1, Windows NT and Windows95 for
   $595 (discount prices of $449 are sometimes advertised in various AI
   magazines).  A Professional version with royalty free runtime
   distribution and source code is available for $2495.
   Allegro CL for Windows provides 32-bit compilation, complete CLOS, an
   integrated development environment, visual drag & drop Interface Builder,
   interface to the Windows API, DLL support, and free runtime delivery.
   Write to: Franz Inc., 1995 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704 or
   call 1-800-333-7260, 510-548-3600, fax 510-548-8253, telex 340179
   WUPUBTLXSFO. Bug reports can be mailed to bugs@franz.com.  Questions
   about Franz Inc. products (e.g., current and special pricing) can be
   sent to info@franz.com. To receive Franz Flash, Franz's electronic
   newsletter, send mail to flash@franz.com. 
   Files related to the products (e.g., patches, Franz's GNU-Emacs/Lisp
   interface, the Allegro FAQ)
   are available by anonymous ftp from
      ftp.franz.com:/pub/ []


   CLOE (Common Lisp Operating Environment) is a cross-development
   environment for IBM PCs (MSDOS) and Symbolics Genera. It includes
   CLOS, condition error system, generational garbage collection,
   incremental compilation, code time/space profiling, and a stack-frame
   debugger. It costs from $625 to $4000 and requires 4-8mn RAM and a 386
   processor.  Write to: Symbolics, 6 New England Tech Center, 
   521 Virginia Road, Concord, MA 01742, call 1-800-394-5522 or 
   508-287-1000 or fax 508-287-1099. 

Golden Common Lisp:

   Golden Common Lisp (GCLisp 4.4) runs on IBM PCs under DOS, Windows,
   OS/2, and Windows NT, costing $2,000 ($250 extra for Gold Hill
   Windows), and includes an incremental compiler, foreign function
   interface, interactive debugger, SQL interface, and emacs-like editor.
   It supports DDE and other Windows stuff, and is CLtL1 compatible.
   Supports PCL/CLOS. It requires 4mb RAM, and 12mb disk. See a review in
   PC-WEEK 4/1/91 comparing GCLisp with an older version of MCL.  Write
   to: Gold Hill Computers, 26 Landsdowne Street, Cambridge, MA 02139,
   call 617-621-3300, or fax 617-621-0656.

Harlequin LispWorks: 

   LispWorks (R) from Harlequin runs on a variety of Unix platforms, 
   including Sun Sparc and clones (SunOS and Solaris), IBM RS/6000 (AIX), 
   DEC MIPS (Ultrix), DEC Alpha (OSF/1), HP PA (HP-UX), and SGI (IRIX).  
   LispWorks uses menus and graphics to provide convenient, user friendly
   access to its wide array of powerful tools.  A C/C++ interface, an SQL
   interface, and a fully integrated Prolog compiler are a standard part 
   of LispWorks.  CLIM 2.0 is also available.

     +  COMMON LISP: CLtL2 compatible, native CLOS/MOP, generational GC, 
        C/C++ interface.

     +  ENVIRONMENT: Prolog, Emacs-like editor/listener/shell, defadvice,
        defsystem, cross-referencing, lightweight processes,
        debugger, mail reader, extensible hypertext online doc, LALR
        parser generator.

     +  BROWSERS/GRAPHERS: files, objects, classes, generic functions,
        source code systems, specials, compilation warnings.

     +  GRAPHICS: CLX, CLUE, Toolkit, CAPI, Open Look, Motif,
        interface builder.

     +  INTEGRATED PRODUCTS: CLIM 2.0, KnowledgeWorks (RETE engine).

   For further information, contact by e-mail worldwide:
      lispworks-request@harlequin.com (OR @harlequin.co.uk)
   or in the US:   
      FAX:   617-252-6505
      Voice: 800-WORKS-4-YOU (800-967-5749) or 617-374-2400 or 617-252-0052
      Mail:  Harlequin Inc., One Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142
   or in Europe:
      FAX:   0223-872-519 (OR 44-1223-872-519 from outside UK)
      Voice: 0223-873-800 OR -872-522 (OR 44-1223-873-800 from outside UK)
      Telex: 818440 harlqn g
      Mail:  Harlequin Ltd., Barrington Hall, Barrington, Cambridge, CB2 5RG

   For more information, see their web page at the URL

Harlequin FreeLisp:

   Harlequin Inc. is shipping FreeLisp (TM), which has been developed 
   specifically to meet the Lisp teaching requirements of the academic
   community in terms of both functionality and price.  FreeLisp
   is a reduced implementation of Harlequin's premier Common Lisp
   development environment, LispWorks (R).  FreeLisp runs under on PC's
   under Windows, and has many of the environmental features as 
   LispWorks but does not include a compiler. For prices and information
   about FreeLisp, contact by e-mail worldwide
      lispworks-request@harlequin.com (OR @harlequin.co.uk)
   or in the US:
      fax:    617-252-6505
      voice:  800-WORKS-4-YOU (800-967-5749) or 617-374-2400 or 617-252-0052
      mail:   Harlequin Inc., One Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142
   or in Europe:
      fax:    0223-872-519 (OR 44-1223-872-519 from outside UK)
      voice:  0223-873-800 OR -872-522 (OR 44-1223-873-800 from outside UK)
      Telex:  818440 harlqn g
      mail:   Harlequin Ltd., Barrington Hall, Barrington, Cambridge, CB2 5RG
   Freelisp is available at the URL

Ibuki Common Lisp:

   Ibuki Common Lisp (IBCL) v02/01 is a commercialized and improved
   version of Kyoto Common Lisp. It runs on over 30 platforms, including
   Sun3, Sparc, Dec (Ultrix), Apollo, HP 9000, IBM RS/6000, Silicon
   Graphics and IBM PCs (under AIX).  It includes an incremental compiler,
   interpreter, and C/Fortran foreign function interface. It generates C
   code from the Lisp and compiles it using the local C compiler.  Image
   size is about 3mb. Cost is $2800 (workstations), $3500 (servers), $700
   (IBM PCs).  Supports CLOS and CLX ($200 extra).  Source code is
   available at twice the cost. Ibuki now also has a product called CONS
   which compiles Lisp functions into linkable Unix libraries.  Write to:
   Ibuki Inc., PO Box 1627, Los Altos, CA 94022, or call 415-961-4996,
   fax 415-961-8016, or send email to Richard Weyhrauch, rww@ibuki.com or


   LinkLisp is a Lisp implementation for Windows that supports a large
   subset of Common Lisp. It is DLL and VBX callable from C/C++ and
   Visual Basic. It costs $249. For more information, write to Conscious
   Computing, 3100 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 202, Washington, DC
   20008, call 202-483-6350, or fax 202-462-9110.

Lucid Common Lisp:

   Lucid Common Lisp runs on a variety of platforms, including PCs (AIX),
   Apollo, HP, Sun-3, Sparc, IBM RT, IBM RS/6000, Decstation 3100,
   Silicon Graphics, and Vax. Lucid includes native CLOS, a foreign
   function interface, and generational garbage collection.  CLIM is
   available for Lucid as a separate product. See also the comments in
   question [1-2] on the wizards.doc file that comes with the release.

   [Note: Lucid encountered financial difficulties because of forays
    into C-related products; the Lisp end of the company remained strong.
    Harlequin announced on 23-NOV-94 that they have acquired the
    rights to the Lisp-related technology of Lucid, Inc., that they
    will market and support Lucid Common Lisp alongside their
    LispWorks products, and that they have hired several former Lucid
    employees for this purpose.] 

   For further information, contact by e-mail worldwide:
      lispworks-request@harlequin.com (OR @harlequin.co.uk)
   or in the US:   
      FAX:   617-252-6505
      Voice: 800-WORKS-4-YOU (800-967-5749) or 617-374-2400 or 617-252-0052
      Mail:  Harlequin Inc., One Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142
   or in Europe:
      FAX:   0223-872-519 (OR 44-1223-872-519 from outside UK)
      Voice: 0223-873-800 OR -872-522 (OR 44-1223-873-800 from outside UK)
      Telex: 818440 harlqn g
      Mail:  Harlequin Ltd., Barrington Hall, Barrington, Cambridge, CB2 5RG

Macintosh Common Lisp:

   Macintosh Common Lisp (MCL) is an object-oriented dynamic language
   (OODL) from Digitool, Inc. MCL 4.0 will work on any Power Macintosh
   with at least 16 MB of RAM, 28 MB of disk storage, and Macintosh System
   Software 7.5 or later. MCL 3.1 will work on any 68K-based Macintosh
   with at least 8 MB of RAM, 15 MB of disk storage, and Macintosh System
   6.x or 7.x. Both versions are included on CD-ROM together with extensive
   documentation, runtime sources, development utilities, and sample code. 
   A CD-ROM drive is required for installation.
   MCL implements the industry standard Common Lisp programming language 
   and CLOS (as defined in Common Lisp: The Language, second edition), 
   and is fully integrated with the Macintosh family of personal computers.

   MCL is a completely integrated development environment, including a
   fast incremental compiler which produces efficient native PPC code or
   680x0 code, a window-based debugger, a source code stepper, a dynamic 
   object inspector, a stack backtrace inspector, a programmable 
   Macintosh-style emacs-like editor, online documentation, and an 
   interactive interface toolkit. MCL supports multiple processes and 
   provides both high-level object-oriented user interface class library 
   and complete low-level access to the Macintosh Toolbox.  

   Using MCL, you can create a standalone double-clickable Macintosh 
   application. A license is required to distribute an application
   created with MCL. Licenses are available to include the MCL compiler
   in a distributed application.

   MCL may be purchased individually or as a subscription; site licenses
   are also available. For more information, mailto:info@digitool.com; 
   for orders, mailto:orders@digitool.com, call (617) 441-5000 or fax 
   (617) 576-7680.  See http://www.digitool.com/MCL-price-list.html for 
   current pricing.

   Medley 2.0 is a Common Lisp development environment that includes a
   native CLOS w/MOP, window toolkit, window-based debugger, incremental
   compiler, structure editor, inspectors, stepper, cross-referencer
   (Masterscope), code analysis tools, and browsers. It is the successor
   to InterLisp-D.  It runs on a variety of platforms, including Suns,
   DecStations, 386/486s, IBM RS/6000, MIPS, HP, DEC Alpha, and Xerox
   1186. The price for Unix machines is $3,195 for the developer version
   and $1,250 for the runtime version.  Medley also runs under DOS 4.0 or
   higher ($795 developer version, $300 runtime version, and $250 student
   version). Instructional licenses are also available at $250/copy for DOS
   (to a max of $1,250) and $1,000/copy for Unix (to a max of $5,000). 
   For more information, write to Venue, 1624 Franklin Street, Suite 1212,
   Oakland, CA 94612, call 800-228-5325 or 510-835-8856, fax
   510-835-8251, or send email to aisupport.mv@envos.xerox.com.

   muLISP-90 v7.1 is a small Lisp which runs on IBM PCs (or the HP 95LX
   palmtop), MS-DOS version 2.1 or later. It isn't Common Lisp, although
   there is a Common Lisp compatibility package which augments muLISP-90
   with over 450 Common Lisp special forms, macros, functions and control
   variables. Includes a screen-oriented editor and debugger, a window
   manager, an interpreter and a compiler. Among the example programs is
   DOCTOR, an Eliza-like program. The runtime system allows one to create
   small EXE or COM executables. Uses a compact internal representation
   of code to minimize space requirements and speed up execution. The
   kernel takes up only 50k of space. Costs $150. muLISP-XM is a version
   of muLISP-90 that can take advantage of up to 4 gigabytes of extended
   memory and costs $300.  Write to Soft Warehouse, Inc., 3660 Waialae
   Avenue, Suite 304, Honolulu, HI 96816-3236, call 808-734-5801, or fax


   NanoLISP 2.0 is a Lisp interpreter for DOS systems that supports a
   large subset of the Common Lisp (CLtL2) standard, including lexical and
   dynamic scoping, four lambda-list keywords, closures, local functions,
   macros, output formatting, generic sequence functions, transcendental
   functions, 2-d arrays, bit-arrays, sequences, streams, characters
   double-floats, hash-tables and structures. Runs in DOS 2.1 or higher,
   requiring only 384k of RAM. Cost is $100. Write to: Microcomputer Systems
   Consultants, PO Box 6646, Santa Barbara, CA 93160 or call 805-967-2270.

Poplog Common Lisp:

   Poplog Common Lisp is an incremental compiler and X-based development
   environment for Common Lisp. Poplog Common Lisp provides a compact and
   memory-efficient implementation which has recently been upgraded to
   include support for CLtL2, including a native CLOS implementation.

   The Poplog environment also includes efficient incremental compilers
   for Prolog, Standard ML and Pop-11, a language-sensitive editor and
   supports easy dynamic linking to C, Fortran etc. Poplog has over 400
   customers in 36 countries.

   Poplog runs on a variety of platforms including Sun SPARC (SunOS 4.1,
   Solaris 2.x), HP-RISC (HP-UX), Silicon Graphics (IRIX), PC UNIX (SCO,
   Linux), DECstation (Ultrix) and under VMS on both VAX and Alpha.

   For more information, contact:
       Integral Solutions Ltd, 3 Campbell Court,
       Bramley, Basingstoke, Hants. RG26 5EG, UK.
       Call +44 (0)1256 882028, fax +44 (0)1256 882182
       Email isl@isl.co.uk

   In North America, contact:
       Computable Functions, Inc., 35 South Orchard Drive,
       Amherst, MA 01002.
       Call 413-253-7637, fax 413-545-1249.

Procyon Common Lisp:

   Procyon Common Lisp runs on either the Apple Macintosh or IBM PC (386/486
   or OS/2 native mode), costing 450 pounds sterling ($675) educational,
   1500 pounds ($2250) commercial. It requires 2.5mb RAM on the Macintosh
   and 4mb RAM on PCs (4mb and more than 4mb recommended respectively).  It
   is a full graphical environment, and includes a native CLOS with
   meta-object protocol, incremental compilation, foreign function
   interface, object inspector, text and structure editors, and debugger.
   Write to: Scientia Ltd., St. John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road,
   Cambridge, CB4 4WS, UK, with phone +44-223-421221, fax +44-223-421218.
   E-mail: 100142.341@compuserve.com.
   [NOTE: The rights to the MS Windows version of Procyon were sold to
    Franz who are marketing and developing it as Allegro CL\PC. See
    Allegro's entry for more information. The MS Windows version of
    Procyon is no longer available from Scientia. Expertelligence no
    longer distributes any version of Procyon.]

Software Engineer:

   Software Engineer 2.1 is a Lisp for Windows that creates small
   stand-alone executables (no royalties or run-time libraries required).
   It is a subset of Common Lisp, but includes CLOS. Supports DDE and
   Windows API calls. It requires 2mb RAM, but can use up to 16mb of
   memory, generating 286/386 specific code. It costs $350.  Write to:
   Raindrop Software, 833 Arapaho Road, Suite 104, Richardson, TX 75081,
   call 214-234-2611, fax 214-234-2674, or send email to

Star Sapphire Common LISP:

   Star Sapphire Common LISP 3.4 provides a subset of Common Lisp and
   includes an emacs-like editor, compiler, debugger, DOS graphics and
   CLOS. It runs on IBM PCs (MSDOS or Windows), requires 640k RAM, a hard
   disk, and costs $100.  Write to: Sapiens Software Corporation, 
   PO Box 3365, Santa Cruz, CA 95063-3365, call 408-458-1990, 
   fax 408-425-0905/9220.  Copies may also be ordered from the Programmers'
   Shop at 800-421-8006.  Sapiens Software also has a Lisp-to-C
   translator in beta-test.

Top Level Common Lisp:

   Top Level Common Lisp includes futures, a debugger, tracer, stepper,
   foreign function interface and object inspector.  It runs on Unix
   platforms, requiring 8mb RAM, and costs $687.  Write to: Top Level,
   100 University Drive, Amherst, MA 01002, call (413) 549-4455, or fax
   (413) 549-4910.

Lisps which run on special-purpose hardware (Lisp Machines) include

   o  Symbolics           1-800-394-5522 (508-287-1000)   fax 508-287-1092
      6 Concord Farms, 555 Virginia Road, Concord, MA 01742.
      In Germany: Symbolics Systemhaus GmbH, Mergenthalerallee 77,
         65760 Eschborn, (49) 6196-47220, fax (49) 6196-481116.
      Symbolics Open Genera runs on DEC 3000 Workstations (models 600
      and 800 APX with the OSF/1 operating system), at a price of $18,500.

   o  TI Explorers 
         Texas Instruments Incorporated, Data Systems Group, 
         P.O. Box 181153 DSG-230, Austin, Texas 78718

   o  Xerox Interlisp.    See Medley above.
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