[8] Isn't "fuzzy logic" an inherent contradiction? Why would anyone want to fuzzify logic?

Date: 15-APR-93

Fuzzy sets and logic must be viewed as a formal mathematical theory for
the representation of uncertainty. Uncertainty is crucial for the
management of real systems: if you had to park your car PRECISELY in one
place, it would not be possible. Instead, you work within, say, 10 cm
tolerances. The presence of uncertainty is the price you pay for handling
a complex system.

Nevertheless, fuzzy logic is a mathematical formalism, and a membership
grade is a precise number. What's crucial to realize is that fuzzy logic
is a logic OF fuzziness, not a logic which is ITSELF fuzzy. But that's
OK: just as the laws of probability are not random, so the laws of
fuzziness are not vague.

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