[7] What are fuzzy numbers and fuzzy arithmetic?

Date: 15-APR-93

Fuzzy numbers are fuzzy subsets of the real line. They have a peak or
plateau with membership grade 1, over which the members of the
universe are completely in the set.  The membership function is
increasing towards the peak and decreasing away from it.

Fuzzy numbers are used very widely in fuzzy control applications. A typical
case is the triangular fuzzy number 

1.0 +                   +
    |                  / \
    |                 /   \
0.5 +                /     \
    |               /       \
    |              /         \
0.0 +-------------+-----+-----+--------------
                  |     |     |
                 5.0   7.0   9.0

which is one form of the fuzzy number 7. Slope and trapezoidal functions
are also used, as are exponential curves similar to Gaussian probability

For more information, see:

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