Yuqing Tang (汤宇清)


My research area is autonomous agents and multiagent systems, a sub-field of artificial intelligence. An agent is a computer system (or a physical entity controlled by a computer system, such as a robot) that is capable of acting independently on behalf of its user or owner. In other words, given its preset design objectives, an agent can decide what actions to take and execute them without being told explicitly what to do at any given moment. A multiagent system (MAS) is one that consists of a number of agents, which interact with one another, typically by exchanging messages through some computer network infrastructure. I am particularly working on a specific kind of interaction between agents in a multiagent system --- an argumentation-based dialogue mechanism. It is a communication mechanism between intelligent agents which is expected to be able to make use of incomplete and inconsistent information under decentralized control while promoting effective overall problem-solving in a coherent manner.

Research interests

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