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Xavier has a new job!

Some of you have noticed that Xavier isn't on-line as much as he used to be. That is because he is working in the Field Robotics Center helping to build things. Well, Xavier isn't actually building things, he still doesn't have any arms! But he is the roving eye, working with RoboCrane (the muscle) and Bullwinkle (the finesse) to build things. The project is to develop an architecture that will allow multiple independent robots of different types to work together as a unified team. This is called a Distributed Robot Architecture.

See the DiRA homepage for more details and videos.


Xavier doesn't get out nearly as often as he used to. Mostly it is now done to test a modification or repair. But every now and again you can catch him on-line to see what he is doing or send him to a new destination. Xavier
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  • Xavier will be Robot Guest of Honor at InConJunction Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Indianapolis, IN this summer!

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