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There are several places where bibliography-page entries might be added:

  1. The Analysis of Social Media course home page
  2. The Annotated Bibliography page.
  3. Topic-specific pages, like the one on Spam.

This will only be workable if the pages are done consistently. I propose this convention for bib entry pages:

  1. The name of the page is will in one of these formats, where Author1LN is the last name of the first author, CONF is a conference abbreviation (eg ACL, ICML) and year is a four-digit year (eg 1999, 2005):
    1. AuthorLN1, CONF YEAR - eg Turney,_ACL 2001
    2. AuthorLN1 and AuthorLN2, CONF YEAR - eg Cohn and Hoffman, NIPS 2001
    3. AuthorLN1 et al, CONF YEAR - eg Pang et al, EMNLP 2002
  2. The page will start off with the title of the paper as a header, and the first line will be a pointer to an on-line version.

If you "own" a page, you should check the "what links here" tool (on the toolbox, bottom of the sidebar) to make sure that it's referenced properly where you expect to it be.

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