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People involved in social-media research or related areas

With brief summary of interests pertinent to social media.

Very incomplete so far...

  • Adamic, Lada, U Michigan. Link analysis, peer-to-peer systems.
  • Adar, Eytan, U Washington. Link analysis, viral marketing, visualization.
  • Boyd, Danah, UC Berkeley. Socioeconomic issues, identity.
  • Domingos, Pedro, University of Washington. Graph mining, tructural link analysis, applications to marketing.
  • Etzioni, Oren, University of Washington. NLP. One notable contribution is the OPINE system for opinion extraction from reviews.
  • Finin, Tim, UMBC. Link analysis, trust, influence, spam detection, semantic web.
  • Ghani, Rayid Accenture Labs, product recommendation systems
  • Hu, Minqing Formerly at University of Chicago, now at Microsoft Live Labs
  • Huberman, Bernardo, HP Labs. Structural network analysis, trust, e-commerce, network dynamics.
  • Hurst, Matt, Microsoft LiveLabs. Influence, reputation, visualization.
  • Java, Akshay, UMBC. Link analysis, trust, influence, spam detection.
  • Jensen, David. Structural network analysis, trust and influence.
  • Kolari, Pranam, Yahoo! Research. Link analysis, trust, influence, spam detection.
  • Marlow, Cameron, Yahoo! Research. Structural link analysis, influence, viral marketing.
  • Pang, Bo, previously Cornell, now Yahoo!. NLP.
  • Tomkins, Andrew, Yahoo! Research. Structural analysis, community detection, network modeling.
  • Tseng, Belle, NEC Labs. Influence, viral marketing, structural link analysis, spam detection.
  • Watts, Duncan, Columbia. Structural network analysis, network models, information diffusion.
  • Wilson, Theresa University of Edinburgh (formerly University of Pittsburgh)
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