Directions for Students of the Social Media Course

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General advice

When you comment on a page in the wiki, put your comments on the corresponding "talk" page. This is where I will also put (public) feedback on a page.

Please do not put your reading list on the page titled User_talk:yourlogin. It sounds like the right place, but really it's not - that page is for comments on your home page, which I might very well have.

What every student needs to do

Important note: Please log in to the wiki when you contribute. This is so that William and Natalie can see who's doing what - which is important since contributing (here as well as in class) is part of your grade. Likewise, when you add a comment please sign it (use the signature button in the edit toolbar).

By 10/30 2007 at the latest

  1. Register for an account on this wiki (use the register/login link in the upper right).
  2. Edit your wiki home page. As an example, here's William's wiki home page. It's very useful for me to have some information about who you are - at a minimum a picture and a link to your home page.
  3. On your home page, indicate what parts of the wiki you plan to contribute to. You should list 8 contributions, each of which should be approximately as much work as adding a summary of a conference paper to the Annotated Bibliography. (See the Turney, ACL 2001 page for an example, and read the Rules for Adding Entries first.) Other possible contributions could be:
    1. Summarizing a longer paper
    2. Moving information from the old home page. (Mostly done now).
    3. Writing an overview of some subarea.
    4. Creating a list of people working in social media.

If you're not sure about how much something should count, ask me or Natalie.

Some advice: as soon as you've decided to add a bibliography entry, create a stub page for it in the wiki so that other students will know you're working on it.

By 11/13 2007 at the latest

Have the first four contributions ready for feedback.

By 12/13 2007 at the latest

Have all eight contributions ready.

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