Near-regular Texture Synthesis





We consider textures as different forms of departures from a regular texture pattern. Our previous work has focused on faithful texture synthesis for near-regular texture departing along the color and intensity axes while the underlying geometric regularity is well preserved. In this project, we address the issue of faithful texture synthesis for textures that have both the structural and color/ intensity deformations. The texture spectrum below shows several examples of regular, near-regular, irregular, and stochastic textures. We treat an irregular texture as a deformation from a regular one by deducing a deformation field between them. The novel view is to treat the deformation field itself as a texture that is both visual and functional. As a result, we can handle texture synthesis for a much larger variety of near-regular textures.


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Near-regular texture synthesis

Deformable texture

Near-regular texture synthesis comparison

Near-regular texture analysis and manipulation



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