How to use stochastic gradient descent with L1-regularization? prox-grad, dual averaging, FRTL
installing standard R packages, custom packages in R, and what to do when cpp compilation fails while installing custom R packages
locality sensitive hashing (LSH)
history of deep learning
count-min sketches (a cool data structure that approximates counts of elements in a set)
style guidelines for python
an introduction to GCC
NLP conferences
simulations of beta (and other) distribution density
evaluating clusterings (a ps version of the paper which I like more)
sequence labeling tutorial
configure; make; make install
step-by-step example for using GDB within Emacs to debug a C or C++ program
gentle tutorial on using valgrind to find memory problems in c++ code
using screen to survive dropped ssh connections while running your jobs
productivity tips for using ssh
blacklight frontend machine
learning topic models; beyond svd. slides, paper
mit's matrix cookbook
EM tutorial
Why are the objectives of logistic regression and crf models convex?
LaTeX on blogger
git concepts
Eigen: a c++ matrix library