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VSAM Data Sets


April 1997, NIST Dataset

A calibrated, ground-based dataset available from NIST, aimed towards static site model construction from video data. Views of static buildings, as the observer drives around them. There appear to be with no moving people/vehicles/animals etc. We would be interested in hearing people's opinions about the format of the data, namely camera pose information embedded on top of the image, to take into consideration when planning VSAM-related data collections.

March 1997, Bushy Run Data Collection 1

A one-hour tape of ground-based sensor views of human/vehicular activities at Bushy Run is available. These include a single car doing laps, multiple cars doing laps and "interfering" with each other, people walking, running, and following each other, someone loitering in front of a building, a suspicious character trying the doors and windows of a locked building, a couple of different briefcase handoffs, and more! Order your copy today.

March 1997, Predator Data Collection 1

Procedure: A collection of 8mm tape masters from the Predator JPO were scanned for content by Steve Hennessy (Steve's review log). Interesting tapes were then exhaustively reviewed by Bob Collins at CMU (Bob's review log). The best bits were edited into a 1-hour video summary on VHS tape (table of contents). Several minutes of very interesting stuff was digitized from the masters by Alan Lipton and Bob Collins, and is available in uncompressed format on CDROM. Below are MPEG compressed versions of the digitized data, available for downloading.

pred1A.mpg (2.7Mb)

Source: R2T4 P007 5-Jul-96, 1:02:08
Length: 00:19
Format: SGI, 320 x 240, RGBX, 10Hz
Description: White car pauses briefly at tank road block, then proceeds.

pred1B.mpg (8.9Mb)

Source: R2T4 P007 5-Jul-96, 1:16:20
Length: 01:02
Format: SGI, 320 x 240, RGBX, 10Hz
Description: People walking around car and truck. Person gets into truck. Car and truck move in tandem. Truck pulls off road, car passes.

pred1C.mpg (6.9Mb)

Source: R2T4 P007 5-Jul-96, 1:24:26
Length: 00:48
Format: SGI, 320 x 240, RGBX, 10Hz
Description: People walk past tank road block, white car pulls up. People get into car while other cars pass by. Car resumes path.

pred1D.mpg (3.4Mb)

Source: R2T4 P007 5-Jul-96, 1:25:50
Length: 00:24
Format: SGI, 320 x 240, RGBX, 10Hz
Description: Car drives to tank road block, stops, then backs up.

pred1E.mpg (3.5Mb)

Source: R2T5 P007 5-Jul-96, 0:19:13
Length: 00:27
Format: SGI, 320 x 240, RGBX, 10Hz
Description: Car drives across bridge. Transition from IR camera to visible light camera, including defocus, and AGC delay. [note: Digitizing parameters inappropriate for IR portion. Consider this useless.]

pred1F.mpg (8.6Mb)

Source: R2T5 P007 5-Jul-96, 0:19:23
Length: 01:00
Format: SGI, 320 x 240, RGBX, 10Hz
Description: Truck drives across bridge, then along road. Truck "disappears" in shadow and "reappears".

pred1G.mpg (5.5Mb)

Source: R2T4 P004 29-Jun-96, 1:39:27
Length: 00:38
Format: SGI, 320 x 240, RGBX, 10Hz
Description: Soccer match.

pred1H.mpg (9.0Mb)

Source: R2T4 P004 29-Jun-96, 0:18:27
Length: 01:03
Format: SGI, 320 x 240, RGBX, 10Hz
Description: Convoy. High res, people get into lead vehicles and start motion. Switch to low res. At rest area, three tanks pull into lead of convoy.

pred1I.mpg (13.8Mb)

Source: R2T4 P004 29-Jun-96, 0:31:00
Length: 01:42
Format: SGI, 320 x 240, RGBX, 10Hz
Description: Convoy. 3-4 cars, 2 buses. Convoy passes through the shadow of trees and then is temporarily occluded behind buildings.

pred1J.mpg (8.5Mb)

Source: R2T2 P007 14-Jul-96, 1:07:06
Length: 00:59
Format: SGI, 250 x 170, RGBX, 10Hz
Description: Person walks to truck. People gather around truck. Two people meet briefly, break up and return their buildings.

pred1K.mpg (5.4Mb)

Source: R2T4 P007 5-Jul-96, 1:31:57
Length: 00:37
Format: SGI, 320 x 240, RGBX, 10Hz
Description: IR camera. Car pauses at intersection, then moves on. Another car and a truck pull out and follow first car.


This code is copyrighted by Carnegie Mellon University, all rights reserved. It is provided here for use by DARPA VSAM contractors.


January 1999, Release 1: VISCA control of Sony EVI370/330 cameras


September 1998, Release 2: VSAM SPU communications code (CMUPA)

July 1998, Release 1: VSAM SPU communications code (CMUPA)

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