Predator Tape Log

Predator tapes received from Steve Hennessy by Bob Collins, March 1997.


R2T2 P004 6-29-96
R2T3 P004 6-29-96
R2T4 P004 29Jun96
R2T5 P004 6-29-96
R2T6 P004 29Jun96
R2T2 P004 2Jul96
R2T3 P004 7-2-96
R2T5 P004 7-2-96
R2T2 P007 5Jul96
R2T4 P007 5Jul96
R2T5 P007 5July96
R2T2 P007 14July
R2T3 P007 7-16-96


 Bosnia Predator Imagery from JPO / 6Mar97
 MAE UAV Predator Deployment / 6-Oct-95
 MAE UAV support to operation Deliberate Force / 26Sept95
 MAE UAV Nomad Vigil Imagery / 22Sept95
 Deployment Clips / 15Sept95
 MAE UAV Predator Ku Imagery / 2Aug95
 MAE UAV Program Status Report 2 / Feb95


Abbreviations (same as in Steve's log)
  hr: high ground resolution (many pixels on object);
  mr: medium resolution
  lr: low resolution
  lc: low contrast (many scenes are highly affected by haze/moisture)
  vlc: very low contrast
  mc: medium contrast
  hc: high contrast
  eo: electro-optic sensor: RGB video camera
  ir: infrared sensor: Platinum Silicide
  c: C band, live video, line-of-sight
  ku: KU band satellite link, 2-10 hz imagery, intra-frame compression


R2T2 P004 6-29-96

counter offset by -00:37

00:00  flight
07:10  mc lr  countryside
08:48  road.  village.
10:20  switch to hr. village.  
       concentrating on same small group of buildings
       example of servoing about a point
       neat example for site model building
14:15  zoom out
14:30  switch from EO to IR!                                (++)
14:40  flight

20:00  (roughly) saw and tracked an airplane using IR
       switched to EO, high zoom to try to see it better,
       caught it briefly, but lost it.  they try this
       unsuccessfully, several times.  (good VSAM task?)

36:00  IR. hc. lr. town. road.
38:00  road scan. lr. IR.
38:59  facility. IR.                                         (+)
39:20  switch to EO. same facility. hazy.                    (+)
40:40  cars on road. very faint.

45:30  road scan. hr. lc. EO.                                (++)
       person walking on road.       
       46:08  person carrying large board. walking
       47:40  white car drives by.  
       47:50  truck drives by. 
       48:07  more cars go by.  several walkers

49:50  bridge. signal noise. cars going across bridge
50:50  hr. bridge head. lots of vehicle activity. walkers.  (+++)
52:20  scan bridge.  signal breakup.
52:50  mr. cars on road loop (other side of bridge)
53:11  hr. bad signal.
53:40  lr. zoom in on bridge.  bridge head.
54:28  switch to hr.  signal breakup
54:50  hr. fast road scan. 
55:25  follow bus.  switch to lr. then hr again. some noise   (++)
       55:40 lose bus
56:35  look around at road, buildings.  
       lots of trouble maintaining good signal
57:30  bunch of stopped trucks.  very noisy.
57:57  hr. cars. walkers. stopped trucks. tank.               (++)
       lots of tanks.
58:50  signal problems
00:40  mr. bridge. cars going across.                         (+)
02:20  hr.  bridge head again.                                (+)
       lots of vehicle activity for several minutes.
09:20  hr. buses line up to go over bridge.  traffic jam.
       several minutes of this.  
21:30  lead bus starts across finally.                       (++)
23:06  buses get stopped at other side of bridge!     
24:00  walkers. vehicles. stopped buses.
27:50  bus starts up again.                                  
29:15  other bus. traffic jam.
30:20  truck backing up.  cars backing up to avoid jam.       (+)
33:30  bus passing other busses. (not in jam area)
41:00  scanning around area.
43:29  finally, jam starts moving. camera on lr though.
45:20  join up with tanks. hr.  Maybe this is a convoy.
47:40  hr. road scan.
49:00  mr.  road scan.
40:44  small village
51:15  hr. tanks driving on road.                            (++)
51:32  switch to mr.  then signal breakup.
54:59  hr.  road. buildings. parking lots.
55:50  white car. tank.  follow them. switch to mr.         (+++)
       white car goes under bridge.
56:46  mr.  convoy.  noisy signal.
       mr. road scan.
00:00  hr.  road. buildings.
01:00  vehicle drives by.                                    (+)


R2T3 P004 6-29-96

00:00  fast scan along road network. hc. mr.
02:10  truck tracked. hr. mc.                                 (+++)
       02:50   give up track.  pan. track convoy.
03:37  end. back to hc. mr.
05:00  bad break up for several minutes.
06:15  moving red car.  not in frame very long.                (+)
07:14  tank along road. break up. 
       lc. hr. buses. convoy. walker                          (++)
08:38  road scan. lr. mc. 
09:20  car along road.  turns corner. mr.                      (+)
10:10  switch to hr.  breakup shortly thereafter.
11:00  hr. mc.  buildings. road scan.  lingers at intersection.
12:30  lr. mc. road scan.  same area.
13:14  over village. lr. mc.
14:00  blank.
16:00  fuzzy.
16:20  road. two moving vehicles. lc. lr. track for a while.    (+)
       17:28 actually lots of moving vehicles.  a convoy?
18:20  hr. lc. road scan.
18:37  vlr. lc. road scan.
22:05  faint movers on road. operator not interested.
22:53  hr. lc. small compound. breakup.
23:53  hr. lc. road scan.  breakup. then blank.
25:19  clouds. horizon.
25:21  road.  faint moving vehicles. lc. lr.
28:38  clouds drifting by.  still scanning road.
29:27  hr. lc. parked convoy. lots of walkers. bike?           (++)
31:05  ends.  back to lr.
32:50  hr. lc. same convoy.  different view (along road)        (+)
       bike. walkers.
       34:15 vehicle passing convoy.                            (+)
       35:30 walkers.  seeing convoy from perp. (other side of road)
       36:00 lots of walkers coming together.  lr.             (++)
       36:30 lots of walkers. bikes.                           (++)
37:49  signal starts to break up. pan to clouds/horizon.
41:15  road. lr. mc. 
43:45  another parked convoy. hr. just pans across it briefly.
45:05  zoom out to vlr.
45:30  zoom in to lr again.
       stuff might be interesting for road tracking?
48:00  hr. lc. buildings. parking lot. then road scan.          (+)
       49:05 car goes through frame
       real faint person walks through.
51:15  moving tank on road. cloud gets in the way. 
       lots of clouds.
53:00  real hazy.  road scan. clouds.  lr.  lc.
55:00  road network. lc. mr. back to lr.  lots of road scanning.
02:22  more road scanning.
03:40  clouds.  horizon.
13:00  road. village.  clouds passing by. lr. lc.
       lots of road scanning.
19:30  lc. mr. road scan. parked vehicles. trees. back to lr.
       just oodles of road scanning.


R2T4 P004 29Jun96

00:00  mr. lc. road scan. choppy.
02:28  town. mr. hc.  still choppy. good color. 
       some moving vehicles.
08:10  flight
10:47  mr. mc. road scan.
12:28  white car drives by, on curve.                         
16:25  convoy.  partially obscured by trees.
16:56  lr. clouds
17:54  mr. convoy
18:10  hr. lc. convoy. person gets in blue jeep.             (++)
       18:27  mr. convoy starts moving again.
       18:55  vehicles pull out to lead convoy.              (+++)
19:20  scan road head of convoy
23:08  camera pans left.  convoy moving towards right        (+)
23:30  camera pans right over convoy.                        (+)
24:06  scan ahead of convoy
25:33  mr. convoy goes by.  new viewpoint.                   (+)
       26:02 end
29:50  village
31:00  convoy going through. tree shadows across road        (++)
       31:40  convoy goes around corner.
       32:02  and through village. occlusion by buildings.
       32:40  convoy goes into heavy shadow.
       33:04  completely occluded by trees.
34:00  road scan. convoy following...
58:00  mr. lc. convoy on S-curve.  end at 58:27              (+)
04:00  convoy stops.  vehicles pass it.                      (+)
05:30  hr.  blurry.  stopped convoy.
06:14  switch to IR.  cuts through haze. 
06:58  stopped convoy. lr. IR.                              (++)
       07:14  switch to another filter?  road black.   
       07:26  switch back. (road white)
       07:48  switch to EO.  hazy, can't see anything.
11:00  clouds. horizon.
24:00  mr. mc. EO. convoy driving again.  road scan.
28:00  very hazy
29:00  less haze.  road scan.
32:55  town.
36:20  mr. building and oval (race track?)                 (+)
37:30  more road scanning
39:27  hr.  parking lot. soccer game!                    (++++)
40:15  mr.  see soccer field.  pan over town.
42:00  road scanning through town
45:59  hr.  bus stop. 
46:52  mr. large building. road.
48:20  lr. hazy.
50:10  hr.  vehicle depot. low contrast.


R2T5 P004 6-29-96

00:00  lr. lc. village. road. hazy.
01:27  hr. depot. walkers.                                (++)
02:00  line of guns.
05:30  hr. side of building. line of guns behind it.       (+)
08:30  panning around.
12:25  parked military vehicles in depot.                  (+)
12:40  signal very choppy
17:40  hr. pile of logs along road.  lumber mill.
19:35  lines of weapons.
       (make mosaic so can count them easier?)
21:30  parked military vehicles.        
27:40  missles, trucks                                     (+)
31:00  lr. mc. road scan.
32:25  hr. deport from new viewpoint.
33:30  parked vehicles.  camera rolling around.            (+)
       could benefit from stabilization
34:19  missles from new viewpoint
43:00  been scanning depot for a while.  low contrast.
50:00  horizon. flight.

(possible research goal: long term mosaic creation - over
an hour of video, say, as the camera flys all the way around
the site).

38:25  mr. vlc. buildings. road.
39:19  hr.  very blurry.
45:00  IR. vlr. horizon.  river. clouds.
49:58  EO. mr. vlc.  rectangular building?
54:40  more IR.  terrain.
58:00  EO.  village.
58:20  hr. village roofs.


R2T6 P004 29Jun96

counter offset -44:49

-43:46  hr.  lc. buildings.
-41:15  clouds.  horizon.  flight.
-39:17  road scan. vlc.
-35:15  clouds.  flight.
-29:00  lr. lc. fields. road. countryside.
-27:50  flight.
-22:26  IR. mr. pan along river. -22:00 end               (+)
-19:01  pan along same river.  EO.  hazy.  end -18:18     (+)
-08:09  hr. city. buildings. lc.
-06:31  IR.  mr.  same buildings.  cars on road.          (++)
        pan over city
00:00  IR.  lr.  moving vehicle on road.  small.          (++)
       obscured by trees.
00:54  cloud.
01:40  IR.  Airfield.  in and out of EO.
       EO useless, can't see anything.
06:10  IR. pan over airfield. looking into Sun.
15:10  vehicle on road.  vlr.
24:45  pan using IR, different filter.  (black roads)      (+)
26:40  filter switch.  (white roads)
20:50  EO. hr. vlc.  runway.  parked planes.
31:50  mr. IR.  airfield.  
35:30  helicopters.  vlc.
37:40  IR.  mr.  airfield.
40:00  signal breaks up a lot.
45:46  lr.  mc. near nadir view of facility.
46:00  hr.  signal breakup.
49:00  IR.  airfield.
52:00  EO. hr.  vlc.
01:30  EO. hazy. airfield.
02:40  EO. lc. parked predators.  pan over hanger.       (++)  
       03:17  pan to command trailer! 
04:30  EO.  airfield.  lc.
07:36  spinning radar comm dish                           (+)


R2T2 P004 2Jul96



R2T3 P004 7-2-96

00:00  facility. lr. vlc. clouds drifting by.
02:00  have moved closer.  a little jerky. some breakup.  clouds.
04:50  switch to hr.  parking lot.  vlc.
       05:20  scanning sides of building
       06:18-06:29 truck goes by quickly                       (+)
       06:59 another truck goes by.  walker                    (+)
    scanning building and surrounding area for a long time
    occasionally see people walking, but not very long (they 
    seem not of interest to the operator).
    13:00 dwells on back corner of building.  two guns in field?
16:35  walker. trucks in parking lot.
18:00  switch to lr.  clouds drifting by.  short road scan.
18:50  zoom out to vlr. vlc. flight to next destination.

30:30  zoom in on small village.  
30:54  zoom out again. clouds
34:50  zoom in on road.  cantonnement. vlc. hr.
38:17  switch to mr. 
39:35  small buildings. lc. hr.
40:08  scan cantonnement.                                      (++)
42:00  clouds.  flight to next destination.
48:50  road scan. lr. lc. turns to vlc.
50:30  vlr. vlc. not good.
53:00  zoom in.  small village. lc. mc.
54:00  hr. parking lot.  building.                              (+) 
       moving car, very brief.
54:40  cloud obscuration
55:00  vlc. hr. parking lot. road.  flight to next dest.

11:00  lr. lc. road.
12:40  pan to area of interest.  (white areas, saturated)
13:20  zoom in on white areas.  clearings.
13:50  switch to hr.  fuzzy at first.  building.
14:40  some walkers in clearing.
16:00  parked military vehicles.  APCs?                       (+++)
       16:50 walker.  slowly moves through frame
       17:46  group of walkers.
18:20  pan away. buildings.
       18:39 truck drives through frame.                       (++)
20:00  panning around
20:19  zoom out 
20:35  zoom in again.  mr. white buildings
21:53  hr. white buildings.
22:00  marching formation?  camera can't hold on to it.         (+)
22:49  zoom out. lr. vlc.
23:28  hr. white buildings. lc.
       24:08  two loiterers.  not on screen for long.
24:20  zoom out.
25:40  jerky (ku-band?)
26:00  smooth again (c-band?)
27:48  hr. military vehicles in clearing, again.
29:55  building with complicated roof. mr. lc. brief.
       pan a while. zoom out.  horizon.

33:30  moving towards an encampment
34:30  zoom in to fields, forest?
35:30  hr. buildings.  camera circles around.                   (+)
       maybe good for mosaicking?
       36:40  fields. 
37:00  cloud obscuration
37:40  panning around. 
37:54  tent city.  zoom out.  zoom back in.  mr. vlc. 
39:27  hr.  panning.  tent city briefly.  zoom out.
       (trying to acquire)
40:42  hr.  in tent city!                                       (+)
41:30  hr. four walkers in clearing.                          (+++)
       42:26  another walker
43:17  jerky
44:00  zoom out.  vlr. vlc.
44:47  blue sky. horizon. 

49:03  road. zooming in.  real blurry.
49:24  hr.  tents?  frantic panning.

50:40  tent city.  nice color. 
       swith to hr? gets totally blurry.
51:15  hr. tents
51:40  hr. scan road
53:30  gets real fuzzy.  clouds.
56:43  hr. vlc. trees. clearing. road.
57:59  lr. good color.  tent area. 
58:50  hr.  blurry.


R2T5 P004 7-2-96

00:00  IR. mr. hc. road scan. moving vehicles (very small)
01:03  EO.  can't see anything.  very hazy.
01:38  river
04:17  IR.  vlr.  countryside.
05:20  IR. vlr. road.  brief signal blackout.
05:55  IR. vlr.  bombed bridge in distance.               (++)
       slowly getting closer.  Some clouds drifting by
09:20  panning along river.  mr.
10:40  bombed bridge.  still getting closer.             
12:00  bombed bridge.  IR.  nice view.                    (++)
12:17  switch to EO.  hazy.  can't see anything.
12:38  hr. bridge.  vlc.
13:13  hr.  bridge.  lc.                                  (++)  
16:00  horizon.  flight.

didn't view rest of tape.  (flight to base and landing)


R2T2 P007 5Jul96

00:00  flight
09:12  IR. lr. countryside.
11:16  facility.  signal noise.  IR.
11:48  EO. haze.  signal noise.
       lots of signal problems.
17:50  EO. vlc. slowly approaching a village
22:40  EO. mr. mc.  pan over village.                         (+)
       cut at 23:08
24:50  hr. lc. buildings.
26:00  hr. lc. road.  tall buildin.  red are drives through.  (++)
       occluded by buildings.  
       26:31  white car occluded by buildings.  walkers       (++)
27:09  zoom out.  lr.
29:42  parked vehicles.  lc.  hr.  signal noise.
       signal breakup.  lose tracking intermittantly.
30:50  parked vehicles by long building. lc.  
31:15  road area.  vehicle maintenance area.
31:46  hr. pan over large building.  trucks nearby.           (+)
32:16  mr. pan over facility. zoom out.
33:30  zoomed out to vlr.
35:32  mr. lc. facility. truck (tandem trailer) moving.       (++)
       35:57  switch to hr on truck. pan over parked trucks.
37:15  mr.  facility
39:28  river.  signal breakup. vlc. vlr flight.
49:00  facility again. new viewpoint. mr. lc.
49:50  hr. lc. parked tanks  50:17 signal noise. pan          (+)
       signal breakup
54:59  parked tanks.                                          (+)
57:00  hr.  parked vehicles under a roofed structure.
58:40  vlr.  lc.  panning.
04:00  road
06:40  hr.  buildings. road. panning.  parked trucks
08:25  hr.  scan road.  switch to vlr.
       lots of signal breakup.  loss of tracking.
12:50  vlr. lc. countryside/roads. clouds.
15:26  hr.  road.  rest stop.  cars driving by.             (+++)
       15:50  same.  bus, truck drive by.
17:00  vlr. road. clouds.
20:03  moving cars on road.  lr. vlc.                        (+)
21:13  mr.  facility
28:40  lr. lc. facility new viewpoint.  small faint
       moving cars on road.
29:58  hr.  facility.  parked vehicles.
32:10  lr. lc.  track faint vehicles on road. 32:27 end       (+)
33:30  horizon, flight
38:00  lr. lc. farmland
40:00  parked military vehicles.  building.
44:00  hr.  facility.  parked vehicles
       and so on...


R2T4 P007 5Jul96

00:00  IR, clouds
09:40  IR, ground, low res, clouds drifting by
11:40  switch to EO.  Blue sky.  Clouds.
18:50  hazy road, moving vehicles, convoy                 (++)
          one long tracking sequence (real hazy though)  
22:50  river, road, clouds drifting by
24:30  facility scan, lc, hazy, mr
          truck backing up to park                         (+)
25:20  scan road, lc, signal breakup, real hazy
29:25  scan road. lr, small white vehicle.  mc.            (+)
30:00  scan road, mr, moving vehicle, lc.
34:50  convoy on road, hazy, mc, mr                       (++)
35:40  lc, hazy, lr
37:54  river, road, clouds again.
44:18  road network, lr, mc, small vehicle, breakup        (+)
47:40  hazy. clouds. yuck.
48:20  parking lot. mc. mr.  building facility scan.      (++)
       good for mosaicking.  superres to clean up?
         50:45  short breakup
         people walking
         51:30 bicycle
         51:50 parking lot. bicycle
         52:20 see compoound from other side, walker
52:34  zoom out 
53:40  parking lot, hazy
55:13  road, lr, lc-mc
56:30  hr, mc, parking lot, walker                          (++)
       57:54 more walkers
58:30  scan road, hazy.
59:50  moving vehicle  lc, mr, track it                     (+++)
       00:51 lost it.  resume scan
       2:08 white vehicle, pauses at road block?           (++++)
       2:30 bombed out buildings
       3:02 moving vehicle (tractor?)
       3:34 momentary breakup
       3:56 road, movers.
04:13  fast pan. vlc.
05:50  bridge scan, parking lot, walkers, mc, mr             (++) 
07:10  camera pauses, boring, then zooms out, real hazy
10:10  hazy, vlc, mr, village scan. trees, 
11:46  bridge again.  
       truck stopped on one side.  walkers around truck      (++)
       12:24 scan back across bridge. parking area. parked tanks.
       pan across parked trucks
13:30  breakup
16:20  mc, mr scan across bridge. vehicle begud truck now.
       more walkers   truck moves. car moves.               (++++)
       truck pulls off.  vehicle drives on.
       truck backs up.  
18:13  breakup, something else after breakup.
       parking area. three tanks.
19:58  truck coming across bridge.  real short sequence though.
       scan road.
21:20  reach bridge again. scan road.
22:17  car turns corner.                                     
23:50  road block.  lots of signal break up.
25:00  car stops. some cars pass.  car resumes.               (++++)
       26:50 car coming.  stops before road block.  backs up  (++++)
27:00  resume road scan  

28:45  switch to IR? lr, mc. kind of interesting. cuts through haze.
29:50  momentary breakup 
31:00  still lr, IR. looking at bridge,. scanning road.
       32:00 car pauses at intersection.  another car         (+++)
       32:30 and truck come out and follow it.
32:35  resume road scan
       33:17 bridge again. sparkling water. several vehicles   (++)
33:40  scan reaches other bridge.

36:26  switch back to EO?  real hazy!!
       might be neat to coregister EO and IR views here?

41:00  real hazy.  can't see anything. 
43:20  real hazy. walkers. tanks. vlc. mr.  ku-band? (jerky)
47:30  very hazy.  a little bridge.  can't really see anything.
49:40  bridge. a little better contrast.  still hazy.
Rest of tape is pretty bad (haze)


R2T5 P007 5July96

00:00  EO. mr. lc. road, facility.
02:22  hr. mc. parked trucks.  walking person.               (++)
03:45  hr. bridge. 2 people walking across. 4:22 end         (++)
       panning over roadway with hr EO.
05:45  red car drives through                                (++)
06:37  2 walkers.                                            (++)
07:24  2 walkers. moving truck. 7:45 end.                    (++)
08:30  panning over area near bridge
15:28  switching to IR.  unfocused through.
16:35  IR of bridge area.
19:32  IR of truck across bridge.  switches to EO.          (++++)
       20:48 end of sequence.  real nice!
21:32  parking lot, bridge, pan across bridge, up road
24:00  zoom out, lr view of bridge area
33:33  horizon
41:30  mr, vlc, river bend, bombed bridge
42:55  hr, vlc, bombed bridge
43:30  moving cars, then pan across bombed bridge.            (++)
       end 44:02
48:50  two faint vehicles, one passes other 49:08 end         (+)
52:30  zoom out, vlc, vlr.  flying away
55:00  flight
00:42  plane, lr, IR, blurs, switches to EO                   (++)
       can stop around 1:50
11:07  IR, mr ground (road, buildings) through clouds.  
       tall tower in view.
stopped view tape (flying to homebase, according to Steve's notes)


R2T2 P007 14July96

00:00  EO. mc, mr, panning over quarry area
       some zooming in and out
01:14  railyard, mr
01:50  hr railyard.                                          (+)
02:45  zoom out
03:16  mr, lc, depot  signal noise
03:30  hr, mc, depot, panning  to 4:50                       (+)
04:50  clouds, horizon
24:57  lr, vlc, serpentine road, moving closer
       pops to hr once in a while
32:30  lr.
35:29  clearing, bombed buildings
38:00  horizon
43:10  road through forest, terrain
56:20  hr, mc, dirt road scan.  
57:19  lr
04:00  mr, mc, road intersection.  buildings
04:33  hr, parked military vehicles, guns
07:06  walkers, interesting interaction  7:57 end           (++)
08:00  hr, pan over depot, parked vehicles
13:30  lr, flying around to new viewpoint
17:50  hr, new viewpoint of parked vehicles
18:33  mr, then lr, fly
22:22  hr, lumberyard, brief, switch to lr
26:19  hr, lines of parked miltary vehicles, scan area       (+)
33:30  zoom out, lr, clouds, flight
40:00  lr, vlc, road, buildings
42:26  large red-roofed industrial building
       [same building as in beginning of R2T3 P004 7-2-96]
42:30  hr, scan sides area of industrial building             (+)
       some walkers  can end at 44:30
45:12  mr. building.
45:40  hr, parking lot, roads, area around building
47:10  tractors drive by   47:22 end                          (+)
48:00  scan building
49:50  lr, building, then leave area
58:18  mr, hc, IR, buildings, clouds obscuring
59:40  hr, vlc, building scan


R2T3 P007 7-16-96

00:00  flight
24:28  IR, vlr, hc, countryside, roads, farms
26:04  mr, IR, fast pan over buildings, fields
29:00  some signal breakup and loss of tracking
34:25  lr, IR, road, open fields
36:13  village                                                (+)
38:57  mr, IR, village, road scan                             (+)
       39:57 moving car  until 40:09
40:20  mr, road scan, village
45:12  hr, IR, car on road,  end 45:20                        (+)
46:15  mr, IR, road scan
51:00  vlr, clouds
53:39  mr, road scan, some wispy clouds
54:25  good example of mr, IR road scan  end  54:46           (+)
03:31  buildings, parked trucks, cloudy
09:15  road scan, occasional cars drive by 10:00 end          (++)
13:30  clouds, lr, village
15:30  buildings, parking lot, mr, mc
16:00  truck backs up, turns around on road                  
22:24  clouds, flight
25:24  village, scan, clouds
27:00  horizon, flight
31:40  IR, lr, road, village, small moving cars               (+)
33:46  scan village
34:07  cylindrical fuel tanks   end 34:38                     (+)
37:29  lr, little cars on highway end 37:45                   (+)
39:11  little cars on highway, one passes others              (+)
       road scan, numerous cars
42:00  clouds, horizon, flight
stopped watching at 1:51:53


note: if we knew where the images were from, and could get a
roadmap or DEM, some of the low-res road network or river
sequences would be more interesting, from the standpoint
of image-to-model matching and pose determination.