MPI-Video Surveillance and Monitoring:
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Before reading anything else on this page, please see our vision for Multiple-Perspective Interactive Video (MPI-Video) in video surveillance and monitoring (VSAM).

Overview of System Architecture

As part of our efforts in VSAM, we have developed a new architecture for MPI-Video systems.

How the System Does Surveillance - An Example

The best way to understand what the layers in an environment model do, and how they work together, is to look at an example. We present an example showing how MPI-Video does surveillance of a parking lot.

Information Assimilation in the Environment Model

The goal of our MPI-Video infrastructure is to provide a means to integrate many algorithms that deal with states of dynamic systems. We describe how these algorithms are implemented within the infrastructure so that information assimilation between layers occurs.

Latest Results

We have a description of our environment model implementation in C++ and some results.

MPI-Video Test Bed

As part of our VSAM research effort, we have built a new MPI-Video test bed. It enables us to use our many computers with video capabilities with a room watched by several cameras.

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