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Second IEEE Workshop on Visual Surveillance

26 June, 1999
Fort Collins, Colorado

Session 1: People Detection and Tracking

Chair: Tieniu Tan

The Analysis of Human Movement and Its Application for Visual Surveillance

Hydra: Multiple People Detection and Tracking Using Silhouettes
I. Haritaoglu, D. Harwood and L.S. Davis ABSTRACT

Multi-Camera Colour Tracking
J. Orwell, P. Remagnino and G.A. Jones ABSTRACT

Session 2: Probabilistic and Statistical Methods

Chair: Steve Maybank

A Bayesian Approach to Human Activity Recognition
A. Madabhushi and J.K. Aggarwal ABSTRACT

Using Models to Recognise Man-Made Objects
A.L. Reno and D.M. Booth ABSTRACT

Robust Person Tracking in Real Scenarios with Non-Stationary Background
Using a Statistical Computer Vision Approach
G. Rigoll, B. Winterstein and S. Müller ABSTRACT

Frame-Rate Omnidirectional Surveillance and Tracking of Camouflaged and Occluded Targets
T.E. Boult, R. Micheals, X. Gao, P. Lewis, C. Power, W. Yin and A. Erkan ABSTRACT

Session 3: Calibration and Implementations

Chair: Tieniu Tan

Multi-View Calibration from Planar Motion for Video Surveillance

Monitoring Dynamically Changing Environments by Ubiquitous Vision System
K.C. Ng, H. Ishiguro, M. Trivedi and T. Sogo ABSTRACT

A Real-Time System for Monitoring of Cyclists and Pedestrians
J. Heikkilä and O. Silvén ABSTRACT

Video Surveillance of Interactions
Y. Ivanov, C. Stauffer, A. Bobick and W.E.L. Grimson ABSTRACT