Multi-Camera Color Tracking

J. Orwell, P. Remagnino and G.A. Jones
Kingston University

We propose a novel colour tracker for use in visual surveillance. The tracker is part of a framework designed to monitor a dynamic scene with more than one camera. Colour tracking complements spatial tracking: it can also be used over large temporal intervals, and between spatially uncalibrated cameras. The colour distributions from objects are modelled, and measures of difference there between are discussed. A context is required for assessing the significance of any difference. It is provided by an analysis of the noise processes: first on the camera capture, then on the underlying variability of the signal. We present results comparing parametric and explicit representations, the inclusion and omission of intensity data, and single and multiple cameras.

Proceedings of the Second IEEE Workshop on Visual Surveillance
Copyright (c) 1998 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved.