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Mesh Toolbox

Mesh Toolbox is a set of software libraries and executables for manipulating triangular surface meshes. It contains functions for smoothing, registering, integrating, recognizing and displaying surface meshes

Accurate Estimation of Rought Terrain with Space-Carving Kernels

This software implements the terrain estimation algorithms described in the paper "Accurate Estimation of Rough Terrain with Space-Carving Kernels," which was published in Robotics: Science and Systems, 2009.

Structured Prediction for Smoothed Labeling Tasks

A library for training Max-Margin Markov Networks with (Robust) Pott's potentials, over arbitrary-sized cliques. This is an extended C++ implementation of the algorithm presented in the paper:
D. Munoz, J. A. Bagnell, N. Vandapel, H. Hebert, "Contextual Classification with Functional Max-Margin Markov Networks", IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2009. [project page]

Labeled 3-D Point Clouds

Fully labeled point clouds of urban scenes around the CMU campus; dataset published in the above CVPR 2009 publication.

Moving object detection, modeling, and tracking

This is research code for detecting and tracking moving objects using the combination of a single line LIDAR and imagery.

Stereo-LIDAR fusion

This is research code for using LIDAR data to improve dense stereo estimation

Matlab laser calibration toolbox

This toolbox allows the external calibration of a camera to a laser rangefinder.

The VMR Lab is part of the Vision and Autonomous Systems Center within the Robotics Institute in the School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University.