IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing: VL/HCC 2011 - September 18-22, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Most Influential Papers

The VL/HCC community is continuing the tradition of honoring research papers whose appearance in this conference had the most influence on VL/HCC research or commerce. Because having such influence can only be determined over time, the papers being nominated are from past decades.

We have two award categories:

The tables of contents of the relevant conferences can be found by following the links above.

We need your help in nominating papers from either or both of these categories that have had a truly important, long-term impact on VL/HCC research or commerce. This is an important award to our community. It is a way to help us attain recognition for our field and for the most important works that have appeared in our conference. We hope it will also be motivational and inspiring for younger researchers.

To nominate a paper, just send an email containing answers to the following questions to

The questions/criteria are:

  1. VL full paper title and authors (must be a refereed full paper at VL, HCC, or VL/HCC — not a keynote, not a panel, not a short paper, etc.)
  2. What year did the paper appear?
  3. What was the paper’s big, long-term, or unique impact on VL/HCC research or commerce?
  4. The paper awarded can win the award in one of these two ways:
    1. It is the only, or first, or first important paper on the influential topic.
    2. It is just one of a sequence of papers published in multiple places that had a big influence on VL/HCC research or commerce. However, if there have been multiple communities where the work has been published, the research needs to be strongly situated in the VL/HCC community by virtue of many papers on the topic having been published at VL/HCC. Of course, the nominated paper must satisfy all the other above criteria as well.
    Which of the above was it, 4a or 4b? Please explain.

Note: Concrete evidence of impact would be very helpful (e.g., Google Scholar citation counts).

Deadline for nominations is Monday, April 11, 2011, although it would be helpful to have them earlier.

Many thanks,

John Grundy, John Hosking, and John Howse
2011 VL/HCC MIP Task Force (aka “The Three Johns”)