Summer 1997 June 22-24, CMU

Field Robotics Center, Carnegie Mellon University

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Dear TRIWG Participants,

We are delighted to host the TRIWG this year at CMU on 
June 22, 23, and 24th. This web page should provide all the 
information you need. If you feel that any information is 
missing or you need any more information (now or when you come 
to Pittsburgh), please feel free to contact me any time. 
Hope to make your stay at Pittsburgh comfortable. 

We look forward to a productive meeting!



Deepak Bapna
Phone: (412) 260-2409 
Fax: (412) 268-5895 



Here is the final schedule for the TRIWG and some logistics info.
As in the past, questions in five areas are to be covered by each
presenter. They are as follows:

I.   Perceived Role

        -Describe the educational and basic research focus of your

        -How would you characterize your role in fulfilling NASA's
         long term needs? (e.g., miniaturization, control in the
         presence of time delay, dealing with micro-gravity, etc.) 

II.  Program Size and Diversity

        -What is the total funding level (all sources) of the program?  

        -What work is specifically supported by NASA funding? 

III. Program Scope 

        -What are the thrust areas in which you believe that you have     
         nationwide/worldwide leadership? 

        -What fundamental concepts and approaches relating to space
         robotics have been developed by your program?

IV.  Technology Transfer

        -How have the ideas and technology developed at your
         university permeated the  robotics community generally, and
         the NASA complex, in particular? (for example, current
         position of graduates, algorithms utilized elsewhere, etc.) 

V.   Specific Products

        -Are there particular additional outputs (beyond those
         important ones already cited in Section III) which should be
         called to our attention? (e.g., patents papers published,
         workshops organized, Congressional testimony, experiments
         flown, etc.)  


University TRIWG
Dates: June 22 - June 24, 1997
Place: Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

Sunday, June 22
Venue:  REC Auditorium ,  REC 

11:00 Brunch and registration
12:00 Intro & orientation (5 minutes) - Whittaker
12:05 News from HQ (1 hour) - Lavery
1:05  CMU program (3 hours, including 15 minute break) - Whittaker 
4:05  REC Tour
4:25  Board Bus for the Science Center
4:30  Bus Leaves for the Science Center
5:00  An evening with Nomad (Carnegie Science Center) 
      (2 1/2 hours) 
        - Visiting Nomad Kiosks 
        - Driving Nomad Remotely
	- Reception
        - Few presentations on Nomad ( 1 hr) 
8:15  Dinner
9:30  Bus return to Dorms

Monday, June 23
Venue: Connan Room, University Center, CMU

8:00  UMd program (4 hours, including 15 minute break) - Akin
12:00 lunch - non-TRIWG CMU robotics talk? Takeo Kanade
1:00  MIT program (1 hour) - Brooks
2:00  MIT program (1 hour) - Dubowsky
3:00  break (15 minutes)
3:15  ISS robotics and SPDM (1 hour) - Robert Carr (SPAR)
4:15  Center RoadMaps (ARC, JSC, and JPL)
5:00  CMU lab tours - Whittaker/Kanade

Tuesday, June 24
Venue: Connan Room, University Center, CMU

8:00  Stanford program (3 3/4 hours, including 15 minute break) 
      - Cannon 
11:45 lunch; Lunch Speaker- Brian William (Ames)
12:45 USC program (45 minutes) - Bekey
1:30  MIT program (1 hour) - Salisbury
2:30  break
2:45  Onboard Autonomy for Robotics (1 hour) - Rasmussen
3:45  wrap-up, next meeting planning (30 minutes) - Lavery


A Text Version



About 3 minutes walk from the University Center

        Price per day:
              ~ $20.00 Single Occupancy
              ~ $15.00 Double Occupancy/per person

Bath is shared between a single occupancy and a double occupancy room.
The rooms are pretty nice (no air-conditioning though- they would have

If you or your students are staying in dorms, please let us 
( know by June 2nd (Monday) so that we can
hold the rooms.


If you are staying in a hotel, you would have to book a room for
yourself. Holiday and Inn and Hampton Inn are closest hotels. 

Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn is holding 10 rooms (people are to mention "TRIWG" to get
the Gov. rate, $84+tax) beginning 6/2/97 cut off date is 6/13/97,
parking is $12.00/per day.

Holiday Inn is on a walking distance to the University Center. They
also have a shuttle service that can drop you to CMU. 

Phone: (412) 682-6200

Holiday Inn - University Center, 100 Lytton Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Airport travelers follow Route 60 to I-279 (north) to Pittsburgh. Take I-376 (east) Monroeville to Forbes Ave exit. From Forbes, Turn left on S. Bellefield Ave. (you will pass University of Pittsburgh), continue to Fifth Ave., turn left (on Fifth), then turn right on Lytton Ave.

Hampton Inn

Hampton's rate is approximately $72.00/day. They are about 1.5 miles
from the campus.

Phone: (412) 681-1000

Hanpton Inn - University Center. 3315 Hamlet Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Airport travelers follow Route 60 to I-279 (north) to Pittsburgh. Take Grant St. exit, turn right on Forbes Ave. From Forbes, turn right at Craft Ave., turn right on Hamlet.


Directions to CMU

Directions to the REC

Directions to Mudge House

To reach Mudge House follow directions to the CMU. Follow Forbes Ave.
to Morewood Avenue. Take a left onto Morewood Ave (or right if you are
coming from Squirrel Hill). Mudge House will on your left just before
the next traffic light. It is located at the intersection of Morewood
and fifth Avenue.

Conference Proceedings

Proceedings of the Conference will be made available to participants.
If possible, materials to be incorporated (no color pictures) into the
Proceedings may be sent before hand to: 
  Paul D. Levin
  Field Robotics Center
  Carnegie Mellon University
  Pittsburgh, Pa,  15213
  phone:  (412) 268-1202
Otherwise, this material will be borrowed during the Conference (On
Sunday) for inclusion into the Proceedings. Note that the CMU portion
of the proceedings will be available for the Sunday session. The remainder 
will be available at the information desk at the Connan Room at the start 
of the Monday session. 

Information Packet

If you want to receive an information packer in mail, please send an email to with you name and address.


Parking Arrangements for the participants have been made in
the Visitors Parking Lot, located besides the Student Center where the
conference will be held. Parking lot is located on the Forbes Avenue,
at the intersection of Forbes and Beeler (next to Morewood Avenue).
If you need a Parking Pass, please contact Deepak.

For the participants staying in the Dorms, they can park in the Morewood lots (next to the dorms) on Saturday evening through Sunday. But they have to move the cars to the Visitprs Parking Lot (half a block from the Morewood lots) by 8:00 a.m. on Monday.


Bus Transportation will be available to take the participants from the
Mudge House to the REC, to the Science Center and back to Mudge House.
The Bus will leave Mudge House at 10:45 a.m. on Sunday. 

Participants are welcome to use their cars if they wish. Parking would be available at the REC as well as the science center. However, the parking at the science center cost $3/car.

TRIWG T-Shirts

TRIWG T-Shirts will be available at the REC on Sunday. The cost is
approx. 8$/T-Shirt. 


For any information, questions- please contact
                Deepak Bapna
                Phone: (412) 260-2409
                Fax:   (412) 268-5895

Please send comments to

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