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Excalibur Miniatures - Female Adventurers

Among a wide variety of Fantasy and Science Fiction miniatures, the Batgirl figure is somewhat out of place. Still, she's undeniably a super heroine.

Lance and Laser - Living Legends

The Living Legends series was passed down from Castle Creations when they were bought (merged/renamed?) by Lance and Laser. Whiel some of the older figures remained, most were thrown out or resculpted. Recently, they have added another set of figures to the series, sculpted by Sandra Garrity.

Reaper - Dark Heavn

This line is entirely fantasy except for two figures that were custom sculpted for the winners of their online painting contest.

Reviresco - Role Playing Figures

Reviresco has rereleased a few old superheroes in their role playing line.

Simtac - Macho Women with Guns

The Simtac line of figures for Macho Women with Guns (a very tongue-in-cheek role playing game) is a good source for female superheroes and a few really oddball villains (teddy bears with laser rifles, crows with uzis, etc...)

Four Color Figures - Superfigs

A new line of superhero figures sculpted by Bob Naismith. The line is growing rapidly, with a wide variety of interesting figures.

USAopoly - Marvel Comics Monopoly

This monopoly game comes with 8 playing pieces in close to 25mm scale. They are a bit small but might be usable for some games. They also offer a pack of four villains through mail order only.

Black Tower

I know little about this company except for the fact that some of the line was reissued by a friend of the original owner in 1998. This didn't seem to last very long however.

  • 119 Super Hero
  • 120 Super Hero with Hood
  • 121 Super Hero with Wings

Castle Creations

I'm still a little unclear on the detals, but Castle Creations was either purchased by Lance and Laser or simply became Lance and Laser at some point in time. They had a large line of superhero miniatures, though most of them were rather poorly sculpted.

Citadel - Golden Heroes

The Golden Heroes line was desgiedn for their role playing game of the same name. Two boxed sets were released, as well as several blister packs.

Citadel - Superheroes

Long before Golden Heroes Citadel released this small line of superheroes. These are extremely hard to find now, as with most of Citadel's pre-slottabase stuff.

Dark Horse - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The listing for this line is currently incomplete. Based on the comic books, it included a few different packs of the Turtles themselves as well as all manner of anthropomorphic enemies.

Grenadier - Champions

This was the second officially licensed Champions line to be released. Very nicely sculpted figures, if somewhat short by today's standards.

Grenadier - DC Heroes

This line was released at almost exactly the same time as their Champions line. The sculpting was of similar quality.

Heritage - Champions

This was the first official line of Champions miniatures. Some (or maybe all) of these were released as blister pack of multi-part figures. The miniatures had seperate arms and maybe heads that you could mix and match at will. In general these were better sculpted (less chunky at least) than the rest of the Hertiage line.

Heritage - Paint and Play

There was one set of superheroes in this line of boxed sets. Each box contained miniatures, paints and rules for a simple tabletop game.

Soldiers and Swords - Champions

This was the final line of officially licensed Champions miniatures. They released a set including many of the standard superheroes and villains from the sourcebooks. These figures were nicely sculpted, but closer to 28mm with slottabases.

Soldiers and Swords - Dream Park

An odd collection of figures from various time periods, there was one superhero pack in the line

Superior - Wizards and Lizards

There were two superheroes (possibly more) in this otherwise fantasy line.

TSR - Marvel Super Heroes

TSR released three boxed sets of Marvel Super Heroes (and planned at least two more) The quality was variable, but in general not as good as the Grenadier stuff.

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