Sculptors: Lane Casey, Ray Lamb, Ron Spicer, Stephen Tofano
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WL-001 War Lizard with 3 warrior riders
WL-002 Styrak, Triceratops
WL-003 Swamp Demon
WL-004 Ankile, Horned Lizard
WL-005 Dragon #1
WL-006 Magic Master
WL-007 Dark Lord
WL-008 Gandolf with staff
WL-009 Merlin the Magician
WL-010 Grand Wizard with Staff
WL-011 Guinevere
WL-012 Gnome
WL-013 Sir Tristram
WL-014 Super Hero
WL-015 Hill Giant
WL-016 King Arthur
WL-017 Morgan Le Fay
WL-018 Knight
WL-019 Unicorn
WL-020 Centaur
WL-021 Thor
WL-022 Odin
WL-023 Loki
WL-024 Sif
WL-025 Frost Giant
WL-026 Cleric
WL-027 Gnome sitting on Tree Stump
WL-028 Tree Monster
WL-029 Berserker with shield
WL-030 Super Hero, holding demon's head
WL-031 Knight in chain mail
WL-032 Knight in winged helmet
WL-033 Dragon #2 attacking
WL-034 Unicorn with female rider
WL-035 Dragon #3, crouching
WL-036 Viking Warrior with raised axe & shield
WL-037 Dragon's Nest
WL-038 Knight swinging sword
WL-039 Dragon #4 Large
WL-040 Gryphon, small
WL-041 Achilles, Greek Hoplite
WL-042 Dragon Tamer
WL-043 Thrym, God of the Frost Giants
WL-044 Mounted Knight, 1250 AD
WL-045 Minotaur
WL-046 Dragon Baby
WL-047 Mounted Knight, 1475 AD
WL-048 Leetah, Elf from Elfquest
WL-049 Heroine, Full armour
WL-050 Dragon Turtle
WL-051 Knight with Unicorn Crest, 1350 AD
WL-052 Were Boar with Two-Handed sword
WL-053 Wizard with Familiar
WL-054 Orc Chieftain
WL-055 Puff, the Dragon
WL-056 Fafnir, a Great Dragon
WL-057 Tiamat, a Great Dragon
WL-058 Dwarf King (Thorin)
WL-059 Hafling (Hobbit)
WL-060 Elf Bowman
WL-061 Troll with Axe & Bird of Prey
WL-062 Cutter, Elf from Elfquest
WL-063 Fantascene #1. Knight Slaying Dragon
WL-064 Barbarian with Sword & Shield
WL-065 Super Heroine
WL-066 Orc with Shield & War Hammer
WL-067 Orc with Pike
WL-068 Orc Bowman
WL-069 Wolf-Faced Goblin
WL-070 Dragon #6
WL-071 Surtur, the Fire Giant
WL-072 Ogre with Pole-Axe
WL-073 Death Wizard
WL-074 Knight with Mace and Chain
WL-075 Genie with Sword
WL-076 Genie materializing from bottle
WL-077 Cyclops with Club
WL-078 Seated Gryphon
WL-079 Flying Dragon
WL-080 Flying Gryphon
WL-081 Chariot of the Gods
WL-082 Fantascene #2
WL-083 Cyclops in Greek Armour
WL-084 War Machine
WL-085 Ra, Eqyptian God with Bow 
WL-086 Flying Pegasus
WL-087 Bellerophon riding Flying Pegasus
WL-088 Fighting Centaur with Bow 
WL-089 Evil Knight with Horned Great Helm
WL-090 Oriental Paladin
WL-091 Mounted Knight
WL-092 Crusader Knight
WL-093 Chimera, attacking
WL-094 Sabre Tooth Tiger
WL-095 Three Man Crew for WL-84 (Catapult) 
WL-096 Medusa Shooting Bow
WL-097 Bast, Eqyptian Cat Goddess
WL-098 Baalzebul, Arch Devil,
WL-099 Gargoyle, attacking with Pike
WL-100 Dragonmaster riding Dragon 
WL-101 Dragon from WL-100 set
WL-102 Dragon Warrior Mounted on WL101
WL-103 Dragon Mistress Mounted on WL101
WL-104 Pack Mule
WL-105 Miniature Castle #1
WL-106 Knight Riding Wild Boar
WL-107 Miniatures Castle #2
WL-108 Dragon Sitting on Cave
WL-109 Wizard with Crystal Ball in Hand
WL-110 Necromanser
WL-111 Attack Eagle with Paladin Rider
WL-112 Monster Masher, Catapult
WL-113 Large Devil, Pit Fiend
WL-114 Monster Masher, Catapult
WL-115 Demon Crew for WL113 or WL114
WL-116 Left Handed Paladin Knight
WL-117 Indian Chief Tobadzistsini
WL-118 Ninja #1
WL-119 Anti-Hero (Skeleton)
WL-120 Sea Dragon
WL-121 Attack Elephant
WL-122 Giant Killer Bee
WL-123 Giant Sorceror's Hand with Crystal Ball
WL-125 Super Hero
WL-126 Super Hero
WL-127 Stench Cow(Buffalo) 
WL-128 Grizzly Bear
WL-129 Giant Unicorn
WL-130 Ninja #2
WL-131 Oriental Wizard
WL-132 Wizard with Staff
WL-133 Sultan Wizard
WL-134 Robot #1
WL-135 Robot #2
WL-136 Robot #3
WL-137 Dragon with crystal ball on treasure
WL-138 Eagle on rock wings spread
WL-139 Ninja #3
WL-140 Wizard with Unicorn Cloak
WL-141 Dragon on treasure chest, crystal ball
WL-142 Mini Round Castle
WL-143 Mini Square Castle
WL-144 Fantasy Castle
WL-145 Dragon on Rock, snarling
WL-146 Knight mounted on rearing horse
WL-147 Fantascene #3
WL-148 Crystal Master (40MM) Crystal ball
WL-149 Crystal Sorcerer (40MM) Crystal ball
WL-150 Wizard King (40MM) Crystal ball
WL-151 Sorceress (40MM) Crystal ball
WL-152 Dragon on rock, 4" w/crystals 
WL-153 Dragon on rock, 5" w/crystals
WL-154 Tyrannosaurus Rex (Large)
WL-155 Brontosaurus
WL-156 Triceratops
WL-157 Tyranosaurus Rex (small)
WL-158 Pteradactyl
WL-159 Segasaurus

Images and listings and corrections provided by Larry Elliott, Michael A Bisignani, Stacy Clark, Angela Hill, Richard Hale and Steven Boegemann
©2004 This page may not be copied without permission. Last modified: March 25, 2004 by Thomas Pope