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The Honorverse Ships List, better known to the habitués of Aegys’ Honor Harrington Discussion Board as the NEFARIOUS LIST, is my homage to David Weber’s Great Work — the Honor Harrington Saga.

This is not my only NEFARIOUS LIST of data compiled from the Great Work; it is just the one most nearly complete and ready for widespread distribution — and the one which contains the fewest (gasp!) Spoilers.

The ships listed in Part One are primarily ones identified by type and class in the Honor Harrington novels, short stories, and Universe Background articles by David Weber — as filtered through my own perceptions. As such, they have no essential “validity” except in so far as they agree (more or less) with what has been published. They do not necessarily reflect Mr. Weber’s views of either how Honorverse ships should be constructed in general or how the specific navies in question have actually constructed the ship classes mentioned here. Any errors in these statistics are strictly my own.

All ships listed in Part Two are assigned tentatively to any of a possible infinity of Alternate Universes. They may or may not reflect current or future trends in starship design and construction in the Mainstream Honorverse. Those listed as originating from Harrington Blackbird Yards are the product of my own warped imagination; all others are the product of those persons identified, and first appeared (in substantially different form) on the Honor Harrington Discussion Board. Any errors in transcription between those original postings and their appearance in this list are strictly those of the transcriber (Yours Truly).

Ships of the Royal Manticoran Navy, Grayson Space Navy (except pre-Alliance ships), and Harrington Yards are shown with Maximum Acceleration figures that reflect upgrades to the most modern (5th Generation) Inertial Compensators, Impellers, Warshawski Sails and Hyper Generators — or at least what my careless procrastinations (I mean careful calculations) suggest those figures would be. The figures represent my guesstimates of IC efficiency as of circa 1915-1916 P.D. Your kilometerage may vary.

Ships of non-Alliance Navies are shown with Maximum Acceleration figures reflecting the best performances possible for drive systems which do not have the benefits of Alliance technological improvements.

The acceleration figures have been applied to all ships, regardless of whether they are Mr. Weber’s, mine, or those of other persons contributing designs.

Everything in Parts Three and Four are the product of my own more than slightly twisted, warped, depraved and rotten brain, and has absolutely no connection with reality in the Honorverse or any other part of the Omniverse except by sheer coincidence. It should not be taken to represent DW's own thinking on any of the subjects covered.

All readers of the List are invited to discuss it among themselves, on the internet, and wherever else they see fit. Comments and contributions are also welcome, but it should be noted that the only ones that your humble (yeah, right!) Editor is likely to see are those sent directly to me or posted at the HHDB. I browse the newsgroup but infrequently, and quite selectively when I do — even as fast as I read, there are only so many hours in a lifetime, and I’m not getting any younger!

All questions, comments, and/or major abuse should be directed to me. Major abuse should be e-mailed directly to me, and not posted on the Discussion Board.

Good Reading!

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