Winter 1998 Price List featuring ...
Axis & AlliesTM Playing Pieces*AirPowerTM  (1/432)
Micro-ScenicsTM  (1/285) . . GaLakTik TakTikTM Starships
1/285 & N Scale (15mm) Scenics 1/285 Armor ... 1/2400 Ships
Fine Pewter Collectibles

* "Axis & Allies" is a Trademark of Milton Bradley.  These miniatures are not licensed.

This price list contains an assortment of detailed scale miniatures for use by adult collectors and hobbyists. PewterCraft also creates custom designs and castings, write or call for additional information. PewterCraft encourages hobbyists to buy from Hobby Retailers. If your local store does not carry our line, order directly from PewterCraft. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery in the US, overseas delivery may take longer.


As far as I have been able to determine, Pewtercraft is out of business. This website will remain as a reference source, but I havne't been able to contact them in over a year.

Important Product Warning

PewterCraft Corporation products are not intended for use by Children, they are intended for use by Adult collectors and hobbyists. Products contain Small Sharp Pieces and Pewter Alloys contain Lead. Paint  before use.  DO NOT EAT OR  INGEST. PewterCraft Corp. assumes no liability for intentional, or unintentional, use, or misuse, of its products.


Axis & AlliesTM / AirpowerTM / Gandy DancersTM / 25mm Adventure Gaming / GaLakTik TakTikTM
Micro-Scale WWII Armor / WWII Waterline Warships / Ambush ScenicsTM / Micro ScenicsTM
Knights N' Magik / Fine Pewter Collectibles / Fantasy and Sci-Fi Sets

PewterCraft Miniatures Compatibility Chart

Axis & Allies Playing Pieces (as well as 1/2400 Ships and 1/285 Armor) are the proper scale for ...
"Axis & Allies"TM by Milton Bradley
AirPowerTM 1/432 Aircraft are the proper scale for ...
"Squadrons" Rules...1/285 Scale Armor..."Axis & Allies"
Micro-ScenicsTM  (1/285 scenics) can be used with ...
6mm scale...Microarmor scale...Battletech scale...Epic scale
GaLakTik TakTikTM Starships are the proper scale for...
Full Thrust - Silent Death - BattleTech - Warhammer - Star Fleet
The Compatibility Chart  above is provided for the personal use of Gamers so that they may determine Size and Scale compatibilities only. It is not intended to infringe on Trademarks, or imply Licensing.

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