Tom Mitchell

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Founders University Professor
Machine Learning Department
Block Center for Technology and Society
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University

Resume,  412 268 2611, GHC 8203
Assistant: Mary Stech, 412 268 6869

What about ChatGPT and related large AI Systems?

How will they impact us all? As a longtime researcher in AI, I'm excited about the ways in which these new AI systems can improve our healthcare, education, climate and more. At the same time, we need to think carefully about how to use them and how to prevent their misuse. I oppose recent suggestions that we simply ban their development, but I support and participate in efforts to anticipate their possible uses and impacts, and to help our leaders think through how governments should react. ...

Current Research

How can AI improve education? Watch my YouTube video from November 2023: Where Can AI Take Education by 2030?. My thesis: this is the decade when AI will truly revolutionize online education. Why? Because (1) for the first time we have finally have online education sites that have taught millions of students, providing more training data showing how students learn, than a human teacher could ever see in a 100-year teaching career, and (2) recent AI advances in machine learning, large natural language models, and reasoning give us the right tools to build AI agents that tutor online students. ...

How does the brain represent language meaning? We collect images of brain activity while human subjects read text, then use machine learning to analyze how observed brain activity represents language meaning. ...

How will AI change the future of work? I am co-chairing a U.S. National Academy study on "AI and the Future of Work", which will release its final report in fall 2024. Erik Bryjolfsson and I are co-chairing this study as a Congressionally-mandated follow on to a 2017 study we co-chaired on this same topic. ...

Textbook: Machine Learning