Course Schedule (Preliminary)

Date Topic Readings Level of difficulty Instructor Due Dates
Wed., Sept. 4 Localization Introduction, Overview, and Probabilistic state estimation     Gordon and Thrun  
Mon., Sept. 9 Localization Particle filters and application to Monte Carlo localization
  • paper on probabilistic localization
  • * Thrun  
    Wed., Sept. 11 Localization 10 Problems with the Theory
  • paper on MCL
  • ** Thrun  
    Mon., Sept. 16 Localization Kalman filter localization Two papers on Kalman filters by Maybeck and Welch/Bishop ** Gordon  
    Wed., Sept. 18 (instructors are gone)        
    Mon., Sept. 23 Decision Making Motion Planning under Uncertainty: Dynamic Programming (also the tail end of Kalman filters) Kaelbling et al, background on MDPs * Gordon  
    Wed., Sept. 25 Mapping Mapping with Extended Kalman filters paper on SLAM mapping and book chapter on SLAM ** Thrun Warm-Up Assignment
    Mon., Sept. 30 Mapping Advanced Techniques for Linerization (moment matching, unscented filters, ...) The Unscented Kalman Filter for Nonlinear Estimation, Expectation Propagation for approximate Bayesian inference *** Gordon  
    Wed., Oct. 2 Mapping Mapping with Particle Filters: FastSLAM Paper on FastSLAM ** Thrun Project Proposals
    Mon., Oct. 7 Mapping FastSLAM in Dynamic Environments   ** Montemerlo  
    Wed., Oct. 9 (instructors are gone)        
    Mon., Oct. 14 Project Proposal Presentations     Gordon and Thrun  
    Wed., Oct. 16 Mapping Graphical models and efficient inference Huang and Darwiche **** Gordon  
    Mon., Oct. 21 Mapping, one last time Due to popular demand: Sparse Extended Information Filters paper on SEIFs **** Thrun  
    Wed., Oct. 23 Decision Making Planning on Beliefs: Coastal Navigation and Augmented State Spaces   ** Thrun  
    Mon., Oct. 28 Decision Making Planning on Beliefs: Belief Space Transformations Two supplementary (non-required) readings: Belief compression and planning with compressed beliefs ** Gordon Written Assignment 1
    Wed., Oct. 30 Decision Making Planning on Beliefs Gone Crazy: The Full Partially Observable Markov Decision Process Model POMDP paper ******** Thrun  
    Mon., Nov. 4 Multi-Agent Decision Making Robot Exploration (one and more robots)   * Thrun  
    Wed., Nov. 6 Multi-Agent Decision Making Cooperative Motion Planning in Dynamic Environments   ** Gordon  
    Mon., Nov. 11 Multi-Agent Decision Making Multi-Agent Coordination: Open Problems     Thrun  
    Wed., Nov. 13 Advanced Perception 3D Mapping, an Example of Expectation Maximization (EM) 3D Mapping Paper ** Thrun  
    Mon., Nov. 18 Advanced Perception EM and Data Association EM with MCMC *** Thrun  
    Wed., Nov. 20 Advanced Perception More than You Ever Wanted To Knwo About EM   **** Gordon  
    Mon., Nov. 25 Advanced Perception EM and Data Association   **** Thrun Project Reports
    Mon., Dec. 2 Project Presentations (1)     Gordon and Thrun  
    Wed., Dec. 4 Project Presentations (2) and Wrap-Up     Gordon and Thrun  

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