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Theory Lunch

Theory Lunch is an informal seminar run by Algorithms and Complexity Theory Group on Wednesdays, noon till 1pm, in NSH 1507 (unless otherwise specified). It is open to faculty, graduate and undergraduate students interested in theoretical aspects of Computer Science.

The meetings have various forms: talks on recently completed results, joint reading of an interesting paper, presentations of current work in progress and exciting open problems, etc.

Spring 2006 Schedule

(Wednesdays noon-1:00pm, NSH 1507)

January 18, Wednesday Benoit Hudson Time-Optimal Incremental Delaunay Refinement
January 25, Wednesday Abie Flaxman Average-case analysis for combinatorial search and the subset sum problem
February 1, Wednesday Adam Wierman Understanding the effects of SMART scheduling
February 8, Wednesday Todd Phillips Data Structures for Cellular Decompositions
February 15, Wednesday Mohit Singh Delegate and Conquer: An LP-based approximation algorithm for Minimum Degree MSTs
February 22, Wednesday Abie Flaxman Handy distributions for average-case analysis
March 1, Wednesday Srinath Sridhar Parameterized Algorithms for Steiner Tree Variants
March 8, Wednesday Mohammad Taghi Hajiaghayi Plane embeddings of planar graph metrics
March 15, Wednesday
No Theory Lunch
No Theory Lunch
March 22, Wednesday Jure Leskovec Realistic models for graphs over time
March 29, Wednesday Mugizi Rwebangira A Random-Surfer Web-Graph Model
April 5, Wednesday Ryan Williams Using Linear Algebra for Faster Solution of NP-hard Problems
April 12, Wednesday Varun Gupta A gentle introduction to fluid and diffusion limits for queues
April 19, Wednesday Doru-Christian Balcan Error Correcting by Linear Programming
April 26, Wednesday Jonathan Derryberry Lower Bounds for the Binary Search Tree Model
May 3, Wednesday Kirk Pruhs Cake Cutting is and is not a Piece of Cake
May 10, Wednesday Katrina Ligett Truthful, Near-Optimal Mechanism Design
May 17, Wednesday Abie Flaxman Expansion and lack thereof in perturbed random graphs

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