15292 History of Computing

History of Computing




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Test Information

Weekly quizzes will be given at the start of class on Mondays except where noted in the schedule.

An exam will be given on Wednesday, March 9 in class.

You must take all quizzes and exams at the times they are given. NO MAKEUPS FOR QUIZZES OR EXAMS will be allowed except for acceptable documented circumstances (e.g. major illness, death in immediate family, university-sanctioned event with verification from advisor/coach, etc.). If you're not sure, discuss with your instructor.

Course Schedule (subject to change)

Consult the Assignments page for all reading assignments, film dates, and term paper and project descriptions.

Wed, Jan 18 The Origins of Computing
Fri, Jan 20 Computing in the 1800s: Babbage and Hollerith
Mon, Jan 23 Video: Creation of the Computer, Biography: Thomas J Watson Jr (early history of IBM) Quiz 1
Wed, Jan 25 Early 20th Century: Electromechanical and Analog Computers
Fri, Jan 27 Theoretical Computing Models of the 1930s Assignment 1 due
Mon, Jan 30 Video/Discussion Quiz 2
Wed, Feb 1 World War II and the Advent of Modern Computing
Fri, Feb 3 The Dawn of Commercial Computing in the 1950s Term Paper start
Mon, Feb 6 Video/Discussion Quiz 3
Wed, Feb 8 Mainframe and Mini-Computers of the 1960s
Fri, Feb 10 Memory, the Integrated Circuit and the Space Race Assignment 2 due
Mon, Feb 13 Video/Discussion Quiz 4
Wed, Feb 15 Minicomputers, Portable Memory and Workstations
Fri, Feb 17 The Personal Computer Assignment 3 due
Mon, Feb 20 Video/Discussion Quiz 5
Wed, Feb 22 The Graphical User Interface, the Rise of Microsoft
Fri, Feb 24 History of Programming Languages (Student Presentations) Term Paper due
Mon, Feb 27 Video/Discussion Quiz 6
Wed, Mar 1 The Internet and the World Wide Web
Fri, Mar 3 Legal and Social Impacts of Modern Computing Assignment 4 due
Mon, Mar 6 Video/Discussion NO quiz
Wed, Mar 8 - Exam