The FeatureSet Object - Tcl methods

The FeatureSet Object

Tcl methods

Basic methods

SVector , FMatrix , delete
Define and delete Features.
puts , display
Show info and content.

JANUS interface methods

setDesc, setAccess, eval
Define 'Feature Description', 'Access Description' and do preprocessing.

ADC methods (SVector features)

readADC , writeADC
Read/Write Audio files (SVector features).
adc2pow , peak , maxpeak , zero
Frame based analysis of power, peak values and zero crossing rate.
Speech/silence detector.
spectrum, adc2mel
Frame based spectrum and melscale analysis.
tone, noise
Create signal and noise samples.
Use adaptive filter to remove xtalk.
Downsample 16bit,16kHz to telephone quality 8bit,8kHz.

Spectrum, filterbank methods

melscale, auditory, postaud, plp
Calculating filterbank and cepstral coefficients from spectrum

Feature I/O

read, write
Read/Write FMatrix features.

Methods using one source

split, cut
Take some coefficients and cut out some frames (or samples).
flip, delta, shift, adjacent
Flip feature. Calculate delta coefficients. Shift frames. Create supervector with adjacent frames.
lin, log, exp, pow
Simple functions of the feature coefficients.
filter, normframe, meansub, offset, normalize, thresh
Filter features. Normalize frames. Do Meansubtraction, adaptive offset removal. Normalize feature channels. Cut off values exceeding a threshold.
Codebook-dependent Cepstral Normalisation

Methods using more than one source

merge, concat
Merging and concatenating features together.
add, mul, matmul
Add, multiply 2 features and multiply feature with matrix.