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I kinda look like this at least when I think no one's watching.

I have a wonderful wife, named Alfie. Isn't she pretty?

We have two girls, Elsbeth , and Midori . (You can see all of the big pictures here.)


I am a Research Programmer for the Language Technologies Institute. I am involved in several projects intolved in machine translation, namely KANT, CAMMIA, and JAVELIN.

Here are some of the past projects I have worked on. You can also view my resume.


I have acted and played in several productions of the Pittsburgh Savoyards. They specialize in operrettas, especially those of Gilbert & Sullivan.

(I've actually done a bit of other theatre & performance works too...you can always see my acting resume. (HTML or PostScript.)

Here are some more of the past extracurricular projects I have done.

For links, you can check out my current bookmarks.

David Svoboda (svoboda@cmu.edu) March 17, 2004