The Alfie Page

ALFIE Hi, my name is Alfie and I'll be your host for this page...

Actually my name is really Alfonsina but everybody calls me Alfie. Well, everybody worth mentioning. (Hey, with a large Italian family, what can you do?) Anyway, I work for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. I have actually worked for several libraries...take a look at my resume.

I am also a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Are you one of those people who turn on the radio, listen to a few bars of music and think "hmmm...ah yes... Torville & Dean in the Winter Olympics 1984"? Well that's me. I'm a figure-skating nut, through and through. I also like romance novels, country music, talking to people, listening with people, working with people....well, let's face it. I like people. Especially my husband, David. Say something to the audience, Dave!

DAVID uuhhhh...hello. Hope you all enjoyed this here web page I made for Alfie. You might as well.

ALFIE er..yeah. Well, folks I gotta run, but I'm sure I'll be seeing you soon. Drop by the library and check out a book. And please bring it back on time, okay?

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