Sai Krishna Rallabandi

Am a PhD student in Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University working with Prof. Alan Black. I actually consider myself the CTO of Alan Black Research Lab. I will design most of the pipeline in our submissions to speech related challenges so you know whom to blame if CMU doesnt do well. Talk to me if you want to be a part or take up a significant portion from me for a particular challenge.

Most of my thought process right now is occupied with excitement for PhD at CMU. I am fortunate to have fellowship by Facebook for same.

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CV: Sai Krishna (Updated September, 2019)
Statement of Purpose (2018): PhD, CMU (Thanks Shrimai, Sunaina, Pallavi, Sumit, Khyathi and a thousand others!! who helped turn my rubbish into this)
Statement of Purpose (2016): PhD, CMU I got into MLT

Productivity Reports: I was also a Masters student at CMU prior to my PhD admission. To me a Masters degree is about synthesis of existing knowledge. Hence I have dealt it as in industry. This means keeping productivity as a first class object
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Optimizing returns from coursework in LTI

Video Reviews of workflow :
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PhD Preproposal Document(August 2019) : On Controlled De Entanglement for NLP
In my free time I develop Judith. Checkout the samples! Ask me for access!!

Selected Publications

Sometime I will need to add the links to pdfs and blog posts about them


"Learning Disentangled Representation in Latent Stochastic Models: A Case Study with Image Captioning ", Nidhi Vyas , Sai Krishna Rallabandi, Lalitesh Morishetty, Eduard Hovy and Alan W Black, ICASSP, 2019

"On Controlled DeEntanglement for Natural Language Processing", Sai Krishna Rallabandi , Doctoral Consortium, Interspeech 2019

"Variational Attention using Articulatory Priors for generating Code Mixed Speech using Monolingual Corpora ", Sai Krishna Rallabandi and Alan W Black, Interspeech 2019

"Ordinal Triplet Loss: Investigating Sleepiness Detection from Speech", Peter Wu, Sai Krishna Rallabandi and Alan W Black, Interspeech 2019

"A Survey of Code-switched Speech and Language Processing", Sunayana Sitaram, Khyathi Raghavi Chandu, Sai Krishna Rallabandi and Alan W Black.


"Submission from CMU for Blizzard Challenge 2018", Sai Krishna Rallabandi, Pallavi Baljekar, Peter Wu, Evangelia Spiliopoulou and Alan W Black, Blizzard Challenge Workshop 2018.

"Automatic Detection of Code-switching Style from Acoustics", Sai Krishna Rallabandi, Sunaynana Sitaram and Alan W Black, Third Workshop on Computational Approaches to Linguistic Code-switching, 2018

"Investigating Utterance level Representations for detecting Intent from Acoustics", Sai Krishna Rallabandi , Bhavya Karki, Carla Viega, Eric Nyberg and Alan W Black , Interspeech 2018

"An Investigation of Convolution Attention Based Models for Multilingual Speech Synthesis of Indian Languages", Pallavi Baljekar, Sai Krishna Rallabandi and Alan W Black, Interspeech 2018

"CMU's entry to MCE Challenge 2018", Sai Krishna Rallabandi and Alan W Black


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"CMU's entry to Blizzard Speech Synthesis Challenge 2017", Sai Krishna Rallabandi, Pallavi Baljekar and Alan W Black

"CMU's entry to Blizzard Machine Learning Challenge 2017", Pallavi Baljekar, Sai Krishna Rallabandi and Alan W Black


"Experiments with cross-lingual systems for synthesis of code-mixed text", Sunayana Sitaram, Sai Krishna Rallabandi, Shruti Rijhwani and Alan W Black, Speech Synthesis Workshop (SSW9), 2016

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"IIIT Hyderabad's entry to Blizzard Challenge 2015" , Sai Krishna Rallabandi, Anadaswarup Vadapalli, Sivanand Achanta and Kishore Prahallad, Blizzard Challenge 2015

"Audio Rendering of Mathematical Content", Venkatesh Potluri, SaiKrishna Rallabandi, Priyanka Srivastava, Kishore Prahallad, CSUN 2015

"Developing a unit selection voice given audio without corresponding text" , Tejas Godambe, Sai Krishna Rallabandi, Suryakanth V Gangashetty, Ashraf Alkhairy, Afshan Jafri, EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing

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"Significance of Paralinguistic Cues in the Synthesis of Mathematical Equations" , Venkatesh Potluri, Sai Krishna Rallabandi, Priyanka Srivastava and Kishore Prahallad, International Conference on Natural Language Processing, 2014