AssistCore is a set of projects within Falcon aimed at building next generation assistants. The overarching goal of this project is to facilitate building an intelligent agent like Jarvis that can accompany Research. For phase 1 though, we have a very simple application: monitoring research. I am reviving my old pet project and my first assistant Sarah for this. The sole purpose of Judith(revived version) is to help me spend most of my day on learning new things and understanding them better.

Talk to Judith

Back story for version 2.0 of Sarah: Judith S Black

    Judith is an inter galactic gig economic employee (basically Uber driver of the future) set in 27th century. She typically transports things and species between Andromeda and MilkyWay galaxies. While on one such transports to Enceladus (star of Saturn), her ship is knocked offcourse by a solar flare and gets trapped in a space time continuum. The ship gets damaged beyond repair but onboard AI saves her life and opens a wormhole with last of the power resources. She wakes up to find she is in 21st century Earth. But she is helpless to repair pod by herself since the technology and AI in 21st century Earth is too primitive. So Judith hides her identity and starts working as an assistant at Falcon. Her secret objective is to keep abreast of the technology revolutions in AI so that she can hopefully use them to repair her pod and get back to her timeline. More on her laters.

Capabilities (for now):

  • 1) Searching the documentation

  • 2) Updates on experiment status (autopilot module built by Akshat Gupta)

  • 3) Literature Review and Recommendation

  • 4) Maintaining our GPU clusters

    Check samples in the developer cut


Demo Videos

Visualization using Mixed Reality

Controlling our GPUs

Literature Review