sprite!, the annotated version

What good is life if you can't make esoteric references?

Who am I

I am not an operating system, a carbonated beverage, a car, or directionally challenged lightning, but I answer to "sprite" anyway. It's my username because it is easy for people to spell (though if you'd prefer there to be a long, pointless story behind it, I could make one up.)

I am a graduate student in computer science at Carnegie Mellon. (In Pittsburgh, PA.) My advisor is David Garlan. I work in the ABLE group.

Some things I do for fun

(Or would if I had the time. Oh well.)

I like to play text adventures, which apparently makes me hopelessly archaic. (Have you ever played adventure or zork?)

I have been known to keep houseplants, sometimes gerbils, and freshwater tropical fish, but currently I am living with a cat.

I used to fold origami, but now I knit, because it annoys the cat more.

Among other things, I like to listen to Gilbert and Sullivan, old REM, and They Might Be Giants (Yow! Official and unofficial TMBG sites.) I play guitar. I have been known to sing in large groups. Once in a while I write parodies.

I like science fiction. Check out AlexLit and the book-a-minute page.

I like to bicycle. I wear a helmet, signal turns, stop at stop signs, and try not to break speed limits. Sometimes people honk at me anyway, but I've decided they're just jealous.

I have an amateur radio license, so I also answer to N3XDS. You can get one too - check out the ARRL's getting started page and try out a practice exam. You do not need to know Morse code (not that it's hard to learn, if you set aside the time.)

I am usually a member of Carnegie Tech Radio Club, the CMU ballroom dance club, and the Kappa chapter of Alpha Phi Omega (I am also an alum of the Alpha Chi chapter.)

When I have a long wait for the bus I like to play Rogue.

If you know me and somehow haven't found out yet, you may be interested to know that Dave Apfelbaum has been upgraded from "fiance" to "husband".

People who don't live in Mr Roger's Neighborhood

My brother is in graduate school at Washington University in St. Louis. My other brother is at MIT. Strangely, he has no web page. My sister is in medical school at UMKC. My other sister is not in college yet. Not strangely, she has no web page.

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