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Hi. This is sprite's page of filk, except that nothing currently on this page would actually qualify as "filk" by a strict definition, so I might as well say "song parodies" instead. (If you would like to know more about filk. try this links page. If you are already too confused, keep reading.)

In the copious free time left after all the other things I do in my copious free time, I write song parodies for my own entertainment. I also play guitar, but not where anyone can hear me. [Ok - at least part of that is a lie.]



Furry Animals


Computers --- These first ones aren't totally obscure.

More computers --- This next set is probably totally obscure. Songs may require arcane knowledge of computer science or the CMU CS graduate program.

I also collect computer songs written by other people. (I don't put them on the web, but some more-thorough collectors do; see Computer Songs and Poems or NetSongs.) )

Bridget Spitznagel
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