Cooking (e.g. pizza) is therapeutic! I love the outdoors in all seasons and enjoy hiking, climbing, biking, and snowboarding. I organized a pair of hiking and rafting trips as part of the 2003 Immigration Course. From time to time I take photographs, and you can explore them online.


I have been known to conspire in many the above activities with my long-time partner, Katherine Copic. She and I are the co-directors of Camp Spoonhowopic.

My siblings, Ben and Rachel, also braved the elements (either on the way to class or on the playing field) at Cornell University, my alma mater.

Musicians and Performers

I would never miss a chance to see ska stars The Slackers or Mike Doughty's small rock. Kaki King plays guitar and makes you think. David Linhart and Jonathan Siegel are the acoustic duo known as Twiin. Elephant Larry makes me laugh -- it's who they are. It's what they do.

Blogs, Web Journals, &c.

When I need a quick break I'll peruse the images of one of my favorite web photographers (and resident of Cole Valley) Heather Champ or the Annals of those World Adventurers, Ambassador Boo. Of course, where would I be if 'Leen hath not introduced me to Mimi Smartypants? Or Zessa, our local expert in computational archaeolinguistics and engines for rendering archaic languages (redacted bits aside)? And finally, I give you the Queen of Non-Sequiturs, Now Picnic.

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