Sandeep Pandey 

Research Scientist 
Yahoo! Research 

Email: spandey AT cs DOT cmu DOT edu

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I am a research scientist at Yahoo! Research. I graduated with a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in 2008.


I am interested in Information Mediation, with an emphasis on search engines. I work on several key tasks that search engines perform such as Web Crawling and Monitoring, Web Ranking and Search Advertising. Also, I study the exploration vs. exploitation tradeoff that arise in many of these tasks using the Multi-armed Bandit problem.

Publications (DBLP)

Conference Publications

Demonstration Publications


  • System and Method for Automatic Detection of Needy Queries. Filed by Yahoo! in 2008.
  • System and Method for Crawl Ordering by Search Impact. Filed by Yahoo! in 2008.
  • Multi-armed Bandit Problems with Dependent Arms. Filed by Yahoo! in 2006.
  • Bandits for Taxonomies: A Model-based Approach. Filed by Yahoo! in 2006.

Non-Conference Presentations