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Integrates RETSINA AI Technology with Microsoft Outlook 2000
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Intelligent Software Agents Laboratory
The Robotics Institute
Carnegie-Mellon University

Options and Settings

The options property sheet allows the user to configure RCAL, and to enable or disable services such as remote browser invocation or distributed meeting scheduling [DMS]. The sheet can be viewed by selecting the Options button on the Current Events Browser, or by selecting the Options menu entry from the System Tray Icon Menu.

The "General" Tab

This settings tab provides general agent configurability. It is organised into three sections:

The "Agent Alert" Tab

This settings tab allows the user to determine what notifications should be generated, and where they should be sent.

Notifications can be sent either by email to a specified email address, or to a specified Agent, registered with the same Agent Name Lookup Service, i.e. ANS, as the Calendar Agent.

The "Meeting Preferences" Tab

To be completed.

The "Agent Lookup Details" Tab

To communicate with other agents, an Agent needs to be registered with an Agent Naming Service, or ANS. An ANS is provided by the Intelligent Software Agents Laboratory, although any compatable ANS could be used. If the Agent is unregistered, then all interactions with other agents will be disabled, such as meeting scheduling, and invocation requests. However, email based notifications will still be enabled, and the Semantic Web Browser can be used to browse and import Semantic Web schedules.

By default, the Calendar Agent name is constructed from the user's email address (the "@" character is replaced with the "_" character for ANS compatability), by appending "-CalendarAgent". So, for example, would have the agent name This policy is also used by the distributed meeting scheduler, when no other information is available about the user's Calendar Agent name.

The ANS provided by the Intelligent Software Agents Laboratory is hosted on on port 6677.

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