Good News

Our paper on belief tracking will be presented at CSF 2011.

Knowledge-based Policy Enforcement Paper

Feb. 10, 2011

We have a new paper on dynamic enforcement of knowledge-based privacy policies. In this setup, a user has some private information that untrusted parties can query. The system tracks how receiving the answers to queries affects the queriers' beliefs. Using a novel abstract domain for tracking sets of probability distributions and performing Bayesian inference, the system is able to ensure that a potential attacker's uncertainty remains high across multiple queries.

DSU Paper

Nov. 19, 2010

Just posted a new paper on proving the correctness of software updates that are applied at run-time. It's available here.

Job Plans

Dec. 10, 2009

I will be working at the University of Maryland with Mike Hicks starting in January. Looking forward to it. They have a great group there.


I am now back in Pittsburgh and working on my thesis and a POPL submission or two. I am also looking for jobs, so if you're hiring, please see my resume.

Off to Cambridge

I am currently in Cambridge, UK at MSR. If you're in Europe and want to talk about separation logic, numeric abstractions for heap programs, or verification in general, send me an email. I'll be around until the end of April.