Selected Projects

MECHEM - elucidation of reaction mechanisms in chemistry

Ever since about 1904, an important, universal task of chemists has been to elucidate the pathways or mechanisms of chemical reactions. MECHEM is a significant automation of this task. We are now taking steps to deploy the program on problems from catalytic chemistry, which presents complicated problems of great industrial importance.

PAULI - discovery of phenomenological selection rules in physics

Physicists invented some quantum properties as a means to explain why certain reactions among particles occur and others don't. PAULI automates this task, and has reproduced the discovery of strangeness using historical data. We have also conjectured and proved a surprising theorem about this inferential task that concerns the simplicity of possible solutions.

PENCHANT - discovery of patterned behavior in biology (and other sciences)

Following up on "field work" in cell and development biology, which uncovered novel patterns in developing Drosophila embryos, we invented a systematic method for detecting complex patterned behavior in time-lapse images, or other time-oriented data. We have also applied this method to data on memory in chess players, and have found new and interesting patterns. Ongoing applications include nucleations in crystal growth, photons impinging on a detector in astrophysics, and eye movements in psychology.

Other newer projects include the elucidation of endocytic pathways in cell biology, and the discovery of constituent (e.g., quark) structure in physics.