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Building NESL


Once you have unpacked the NESL distribution, the following steps should be sufficient to build a version of NESL to run on your local workstation:

  1. Run make from the top-level NESL directory. This builds CVL , VCODE, and xneslplot , leaving vinterp.serial and xneslplot in the bin directory.

  2. Start a Common Lisp (either GNU, Allegro, CMU, or Lucid) in the top-level NESL directory, and enter (load "neslsrc/build.lisp").

  3. Follow the instructions for dumping an executable version of NESL. This will create a file bin/runnesl, which can be executed directly to start NESL.

  4. The simplest test of the system is to enter 1+1;, which should exercise all the phases of the system as explained in Section 2.2. For a more complete test, try load "neslsrc/test"; followed by testall(0);, which runs through a series of test functions.

The rest of this section discusses what can be changed if the above procedure does not work or if you don't want to create a dumped NESL\ Lisp image. The next section discusses how to set up configurations for remote execution.

Guy Blelloch
Tue Nov 28 18:37:09 EST 1995