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Structure of NESL distribution


The nesl distribution unpacks into the following directory tree. The files in slanted font will be created during the build process.

doc/ ¯foreground-*foo ¯
 	BUILD 		 		 Directions on how to build NESL





  		 runnesl			 The NESL executable

  		 vinterp.*    		 The VCODE interpreter, for various architectures

  		 xneslplot			 X11 interface used for NESL graphics 

  		 foreground-*			 Scripts for executing VCODE from NESL in 
			the foreground

  		 background-*			 Scripts for executing VCODE from NESL in 
			the background

config.nesl  					 Definitions of configurations 


  		 cm2/				 Source code for the CM-2 version of CVL\

  		 cm5/				 Source code for the CM-5 version of CVL\

  		 cray/			 Source code for the CRAY version of CVL\

  		 mpi/				 Source code for the MPI version of CVL\

  		 serial/			 Source code for the serial version of CVL\

doc/			 The CVL manual			 The NESL manual			 This user's guide			 The VCODE manual

emacs/						 NESL editing mode for GNU Emacs   

examples/						 Collection of NESL examples (see Appendix A)

include/						 cvl.h include file


  		 libcvl.a			 The CVL library

neslseqsrc/ 					 Source code for stand-alone NESL\

neslsrc/						 Source code for NESL\

release.notes		   		 List of changes since the last release

utils/						 Source code for xneslplot

vcode/						 Source code for the VCODE interpreter

Guy Blelloch
Tue Nov 28 18:37:09 EST 1995