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Scientific Simulations and Algorithm Visualizations
Using NESL and Java

This page contains some examples of NESL programs for scientific computation developed by the Scandal group. We have translated existing NESL applications into Java applets, making the interactive programs widely available over the web. Paper and technical report describing this work.

Just click on the image to run the applet.
Warning: since each of these programs executes a large number of floating point and integer operations, you should use a just-in-time (JIT) compiler for fast response times.

[NBody] N-body Simulation. Related work by the SCANDAL project.

[Airflow] Airflow simulation. Algorithm description and NESL code.

[Connectivity] Tutorial on graph connectivity.

[Separator] Geometric graph separator. NESL code.

[Convex hull] Convex Hull. NESL code.

Comments and bug reports can be sent to nesl-bugs@cs.cmu.edu. Please include the platform and browser you are using with any bug reports.
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